Position #89: Countertop Caboodle

We’ve already had one position on quick and easy countertop sex, but this one is a bit more advanced.  Listen up ladies, because if you can pull this one off, your husband will be a happy man!

The wife sits up on a countertop or table that is equivalent to the height of the husband’s penis.  The husband walks up to the countertop and enters her.  Then, instead of wrapping her legs around his waist, she brings her legs up her husband’s chest.  Yes, you heard that right.  She can either bring them straight up his shoulders or she can criss cross them.  If she needs help keeping balanced, the husband can give her a tight hug around her body.  That will help to stabilize her legs too.  Thrusting can now commence!

Pros: This gives a very tight feel!

Cons: This is only for limber women.  Be careful that you don’t strain something!

Position #88: Bathtub Bonanza

This is a cozy and intimate position for those of you out there who have bathtubs.  It’s fairly simple but there are a couple things you can do to put a twist on it.

You start off by having the husband and wife both enter the tub.  The husband sits down first, legs outstretched.  The wife straddles him and is able to insert his penis.  At this point both spouses raise their knees up so that their feet are flat on the bottom of the tub.  You are now ready to make love in the tub.

For a little something different, try having you both lock arms with each other under both of your knees!  Thrusting will be similar to rocking into each other.

Pros: Very intimate position that allows for cuddling and kissing.

Cons: You may need a silicone-based lubricant for water sex.  You will be confined to a small space.

Position #87: Bumper Boats

This one goes out to all of you thrill seekers out there.  I don’t have a picture so listen up close to the instructions, if you dare…

Bumper Boats is definitely a difficult one.  To begin with both spouses need to lay flat on their bellies, facing away from each other, with their legs touching.  They then will scoot towards each other a little at a time (making sure to keep their legs out of the way) until their genitalia are touching.  In order for penetration to happen, the husband must bend his penis down.

The best way is for the wife’s legs to be spread open.  Then just let the husband inch his way down to her.  Once he has entered her, they are then able to thrust, by bouncing in to each other.  Their rumps will act as ‘bumper boats’ during lovemaking.

Pros: You will have bragging rights for successfully completing this one.  You will have laughs and memories for even attempting it. 😆

Cons: Many men are uncomfortable with their penis bending down.  Thrusting can be awkward.

Position #86: The Buttler

Yes, I meant to spell it that way.  😉   The Buttler is a simple, standing, oral sex position that can be used on the husband or wife.

To get into position have the wife stand a couple of feet away from the bed or dresser or desk or sofa or other piece of furniture.  Have her spread her legs approximately three feet apart and then bend over and hold on to the furniture.  The husband will kneel behind her and use his hands to “open” her up.  He is then able to give her oral from behind.  The fact that she cannot see him and won’t be able to anticipate his moves will be thrilling!

This can also be done with the husband bending over and holding on to a piece of furniture.  If the wife can’t easily access the penis this way, then she can give oral attentions to his testicles, perineum, and anus instead…trust me when I say that he won’t complain.

Try ringing your own bell and asking your spouse to come “service you” by kneeling and performing The Buttler.

Pros: This is a great position for rimming, as hinted at by the title 😆

Cons: No eye contact here.

Position #85: Shake Your Tail Feathers

This is a slightly unusual position that can be difficult to do.  To start out, have the husband sit on the bed with his legs open and outstretched.  The wife will sit inside his legs facing away from him.  She then will move so that she is lying on her belly in the space between her husband’s legs, and her legs are both outstretched to either side of her husband.  So she is on her belly and he is still sitting up.  She is able to back into him for penetration.

It may be easier for the wife to straddle her husband (facing away) and lower herself onto his penis, and then lay down on her belly.  She can hold on to his legs for leverage and he is able to hold on to her thighs, rear, or hips.  There is a wonderful picture of this position found here, thanks to Cosmo online.

Pros: The husband gets a great view.  It offers a unique angle.

Cons: Some men find it uncomfortable for their penis to bend this way.

Position #84: The Hot Seat

This is a nice position that is easy to transition to from rear entry.  The husband will kneel on his knees on the bed or even on the floor.  He will then open his legs up so that his wife has room to move in.  The wife will back into her husband’s lap (also in a kneeling position) and place her feet inside of his.  They penetrate and sit up together.

Another way to get into position is to get into your typical rear entry position with the husband behind his wife, and the wife’s legs inside her husband’s legs. He will then lean over and hug his wife.  They both then sit up together and kneel back onto their feet and knees together.  The wife is able to reach around and hold on to her husband’s rear or reaches above and holds on to her husband’s neck and shoulders.  The husband does the thrusting and has easy access to his wife’s breasts.  Kissing is possible if the wife turns her head around.

Pros: Very easy and comfortable position.  The husband has access to his wife’s breasts and clitoris.

Cons: After a while you may get tired of being on your knees.

Position #83: Water Love

To end my summer water series positions, I thought I’d give a simple position that many of you may appreciate.  For this position it may be best if you both lube up with a silicone based lube beforehand and then get into the pool, lake, or ocean.  This is a pretty discrete position that you can disguise as a hug/kiss/conversation.

You simply go out into water that is about chest high, and then the wife is able to “jump up” into the husband’s arms and wrap her legs around him.  The husband can penetrate and thrust while standing there holding his wife.  They can hug and kiss and talk and passers-by won’t think twice.

Pros: This is a GREAT position for couples that have always wanted to accomplish standing sex but were unable to do so.  The water helps to hold up the wife’s weight, so there is no strain at all on the husband.

Cons: Some couples dislike water sex because of the friction the water causes.

Position #82: H2 FellatiO

We already had a summer cunnilingus position for swimming pools and bodies of water, so I felt it was only fair to feature a fellatio article as well!

This is a very simple position.  The husband goes and sits up on the ladder at the side of the pool.  The wife swims up and holds on to the sides of the ladder while giving fellatio to her husband.  If she needs to use her hands with her mouth, then she can use a noodle or two to help her stay afloat.  This position can also be accomplished by having the husband sit on the steps leading down into the shallow end of the pool instead of the ladder.  Click here to see a picture of this position.

Pros: Nice and relaxing for the husband.

Cons: The wife may find it awkward trying to stay afloat and give oral at the same time…so if the wife isn’t a strong swimmer then you may need to do this at the shallow steps.

Position #81: Rear Entry Pool Style

This is the third in my summer water positions series.  This one is a really fun rear entry one that is sure to please you both!

You will need a pool ladder for this one.  The wife will climb up the ladder to the second step, as if she is getting out of the pool.  She will hold on to the part of the ladder that connects to the cement.  The husband will come up behind her and stand on the bottom step.  He will grab hold of the ladder as well and pull himself up touching his wife’s bum.  He can then penetrate and begin to thrust.  The wife can also help with the thrusting by backing into her husband.  To see how this position looks, click here.

Pros: This is a unique take on an oldie but goodie!  This position works for both vaginal and anal sex.

Cons: You may need a silicone based lube to help with the water issues.

Position #80: Waterlingus

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a cunnilingus position designed with a swimming pool or body of water in mind.  You will need a raft, tube, or noodle.

To begin with, the wife needs to get some type of flotation device.  Noodles work great for this, or some type of small raft.  The couple goes to wherever the ladder or steps are in the pool and the husband leans back or sits on them.  The wife lies back onto her noodle in a floating position, and puts her feet up on the ladder or side of the pool, around her husband’s head.  The husband is now able to pull her into him and give her oral sex.  This one should be pretty easy to picture, but just in case, click here.

Pros: Another carefree position for the wife.

Cons: Make sure your flotation device keeps you afloat!

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