Position #79: The Randy Raft

My husband and I have done this one before, but we didn’t have a specific name for it.  I was happy to find it on Cosmo and I love the name they gave it!  If you have a pool then listen up cause this is the perfect summer position!

This position is for those of you with above or below ground pools, or who have access to a lake.  You take a simple inflatable lounge raft (made for pools) and have the wife lay down on it on her belly.  (Make sure you are in shallow water.)  She then scoots down to where her bottom is even with the edge of the raft and her legs are hanging off.  The husband walks up to her and grabs her legs and holds them up.  He positions himself in between her legs and is able to penetrate while holding her legs up.  She holds on to the raft while he is holding on to her thighs thrusting.  Cosmo has the perfect little picture of this position, found here.

Pros: The wife is able to be lazy and just lie down on the raft, letting her husband take control.  Very easy and relaxing!  This position can be used with vaginal or anal sex.

Cons: Make sure you don’t get sunburned!  Water may interfere with penetration so you may need a silicone based lube.

Tip: The wife can also turn over on her back for a change of pace.

Position #78: Two On a Chair

Like it hints in the title, you will need a kitchen chair for this position.  The wife simply gets on her knees on top of the chair and leans over the back.  The husband stands behind her and then places one of his legs up on top of the chair beside her knees.  He is then able to crouch down and enter from behind.  The position will look  like this.

The husband holds on to his wife’s hips while the wife holds on to the back of the chair.  He can switch legs and vary his arm placement as needed for comfort.  This position will also work for anal sex as well.

Pros: The husband is able to fondle his wife’s breasts from behind.

Cons: The wife’s knees may become sore unless she has a chair pad or cushion in the chair.

Position #77: Shower Sex 2

In Position #24: Shower Sex, Cinnamonsticks described a position where you are facing your husband.  In this sequel, I’ll be talking about a position facing away from your husband.  Please note that in this position you will need a very sturdy shower rod.

For this position the couple is in the shower.  The wife turns to face the side of the tub and the husband stands behind her facing the same way.  The wife lifts one leg and puts it up on the side of the tub, and then reaches up and holds on to the shower rod to keep her stabilized.  (This will only work if you have a very sturdy shower rod.  If your shower rod is a simple tension rod that can fall easily then please do not attempt this.)  The husband is able to enter from behind and hold on to his wife’s hips to help with thrusting while she is holding on (not hanging on, there is a difference) to the shower rod above.  You can see a picture of this position on Cosmo by clicking here.

Pros: You get to enjoy making love while having hot water cascading down you both!

Cons: Couples with large height differences may have a problem with this position.

Position #76: The Table Hug

Okay, this is another standing position with a small twist.  You will need a table or countertop for this one, although I’m sure you could use other pieces of furniture as well.  Let me see if I can explain it correctly.

The husband will lean back onto the table, in an almost sitting position, but making sure that his feet are still firmly planted on the ground.  The wife faces him, standing in between his legs as if they are going to hug.  The husband then picks up his left leg and places that foot up on the table or counter to his side.  The wife then picks up her right leg and puts it on the table, through the opening that her husband just made.  She can leave her leg anywhere that it’s comfortable on top of the table or even wrap it around his bum.  To see what this looks like, click here.

Penetration is now able to occur and the couple is able to fondle, grope, and kiss passionately since this is a face-to-face position.  This position is slightly similar to Position #4:  Quickies on the Counter, except in this position it’s the husband who is leaning back onto the table/counter instead of the wife sitting on it.

Pros: The couple is able to use the table/counter to help them keep their balance and to help them not tire as easily.

Cons: Make sure the table you use is sturdy and can handle the weight put upon it!

Position #75: The Oral Bridge

This semi-kinky position is as difficult as it is interesting.  To begin, you will need two chairs sitting side by side.

The wife will stand on the chairs, one foot on each.  Make sure there is about two feet of distance between the two.  She will then bend down as if she is sitting and use her hands to hold on to the backs of the two chairs.  The husband kneels in between the two chairs and is able to give oral sex to his wife, as pictured here.  He is also able to help hold her up and position her with his hands on her rear.

Pros: This is a highly erotic position that is definitely fun to try!  This is also a great position for rimming.

Cons: You may need to change to something different after a few minutes due to tired muscles in both spouses (her legs/arms and his neck).

Position #74: Head Games

I found this position at the Cosmo website and it intrigued me.  It’s an acrobatic one and I’m hoping that I’m able to describe it sufficiently.

The wife starts out by lying on the floor (or bed) on her back.  Then she lifts her legs and waist up into the air and rests her hips up on her arms/hands.  (Think of doing the ‘bicycle’ in school.)  It is also very similar to the Shoulder Stand in yoga.  The husband kneels on his knees at her rear and literally picks up her legs and places them up his chest and over one of his shoulders.  At this point, only the wife’s head and neck will be on the floor.  Her legs will be together and going up her husband’s body to one shoulder.

After you are in position, you will both be able to hold on to each other’s legs to stabilize yourselves.  Click here to see a picture of this position.

Pros: This gives a tight fit.

Cons: The wife may grow tired or uncomfortable.  The husband may not enjoy his penis bending this way.

Position #73: The Dancer

Here we go with another standing position.  For this one you will need a chair or other piece of furniture.

The husband and wife stand facing each other.  The wife then lifts one leg up off the floor and puts it on a chair, bed, or other piece of furniture that is positioned behind her husband.  The husband can then penetrate and thrust while standing.  The couple is able to wrap their arms around each other for a very intimate hug.  To see what this position looks like, click here.

Pros: This is a romantic position that does allow for kissing.  It opens up the wife so that the husband can caress her anally if she likes.

Cons: Height differences may make this difficult for some couples.  Some people may find it difficult to orgasm standing.

Position #72: On A Stool

I believe this is our very first position that is meant solely for anal sex. We have a few other positions that could be used for both anal and vaginal, but this one is primarily anal.  I know that many of you out there do not engage in anal sex, but for those of you who do, I thought this was a unique position that may intrigue you.  (*Scroll down for a tip on how to turn this into a vaginal position.)

To do this position you will need a bar stool or some kind of tall  stool.  The wife will sit on it and scoot far enough back so that her rear is almost hanging off the stool.  She will then lean forward and could either hold on to the stool itself or hold on to a table or other sturdy piece of furniture in front of her.  The husband walks up behind her and is able to penetrate while standing.  Of course this will only work if the stool is the appropriate height to his genitals.  For a picture of how this position looks, click here.

I could also see this position working if you use a smaller shorter stool and the husband is on his knees.

Pros: This is a very unique angle and position for those who practice anal sex and are looking for something new.

Cons: There may not be room for much clitoral stimulation, unless you are able to hold a small vibe in place.

Tips: For those of you who do not practice anal sex, there may be hope yet!  You could try having the wife sit on the stool facing the husband, and have him stand and enter her vaginally while she wraps her legs around him.  This could be an alternative to standing sex, because the stool will hold up the wife’s weight. 😛

Position #71: The Feast

Here you all probably thought we had covered all the cunnilingus positions that were out there!  You should have known we’d go digging for more!

This one takes some effort to get into position.  The husband will need to sit in a chair.  It can be a kitchen chair or a Lay-z-Boy.  The wife starts out by sitting in his lap, straddling him.  She then lies back on his lap while he carefully helps her pick up her legs and put them over his shoulders.  Once that is accomplished, he grabs her by her legs or waist, and brings her up further, where her genitals are close to his face and her legs are bent down his shoulders.  He will have to continue to hold her up using his hands while he is pleasing her orally.  She will also need to help hold her lower body up for him as much as she can.  Her head will be in his lap at this point.  To see a picture of how this position looks, click here.

Pros: The husband has open access and rimming is easily done in this position.

Cons: The husband can’t finger his wife in this position because his hands are too busy holding her up.  Both may fatigue quickly.

Position #70: The Dining Room Table

This position works for vaginal or anal sex.  The husband sits in the kitchen chair and the wife sits on his lap in between his legs, facing away from him.  The husband then raises both of his legs and rests them on top of the kitchen table.  When he does this, they enclose the wife.

At this point the husband can hold onto his wife’s waist and gently guide her down on top of him (anally or vaginally).  She is able to hold on to the table in front of her for stability.  Then she is able to take control of the thrusting if she wants, or she can allow her husband to help her out by guiding her up and down using his hands on her waist.  Here is a good picture of what it looks like.

Pros: The husband gets to sit back and relax.  He also gets to see his wife’s rear.

Cons: The wife’s legs may get sore after a bit.

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