Toy Review: Insignia by Lelo

I did a previous review on the Iris by Lelo and spoke very well of it. Lelo contacted us to extend the offer of a toy from their new line,Insignia. I chose the Isla in black to review for our blog. (Disclaimer: I did not receive any money to do this review and all comments are my truthful impression of the product.)

As I said in my previous review of a Lelo toy, I really appreciate high quality toys. I have purchased toys in the past that smelled horrible when I opened the packaging and were filled with phthalates. I have significant concerns about the health of these products, but in the end those toys also didn’t last well and I could tell they were cheaply made. So the bottom line for me is that I would rather have fewer toys that were expensive than a drawer full of cheap ones.

Here is the description of the Isla, taken from the Lelo website:

Isla is a sublimely-crafted mid-size vibrator as pleasurable to touch as she is striking to behold. Her flowing silhouette is contoured to the female form with functions to match, always ensuring the most deeply satisfying sensations. Isla is made with body-safe silicone and an ABS core, providing for a fully-waterproof body and the signature 3-button interface that gives complete control through her 6 vibration modes. Fully-rechargeable for up to 4 hours of pleasure, Isla arrives in LELO’s award-winning packaging complete with charger, satin storage pouch, INSIGNIA brooch and a full 1-year warranty.

My personal favourite advantages of this toy are that it has a very quite vibration, it is of high quality being made from FDA approved silicone and metallic coated ABS, and it feels amazingly soft. I would recommend this toy to anyone and if you like the toy, but not the price point, look around online. There are many distributors who will sell it at a fraction of the MRSP shown on the Lelo site.

So my CN pepper rating for this toy is 4.5 and the only reason it isn’t a 5 is because of the price point, but in all other aspects, if you and your husband use vibrators in your love making or you are given the freedom from your husband to use them on your own, I believe most women would enjoy using the Isla from the Insignia line of toys.

Toy Review: Iris by Lelo

The last time I was looking to purchase a vibe I decided to try one that was a little more expensive. Lelo is a Swiss company that makes higher end toys and I was very impressed with what I found at their site. There are a lot of places online where you can find resellers offering Lelo toys at a reduced price so use the Lelo site to learn about the toys and then if you find one you like, do a search to find other distributors who are selling it.

I decided on the Iris. It was the shape and size that I was looking for and, like all the toys made by Iris, it is made of a super soft phthalate-free silicone. I had been disappointed in a previous toy for it’s texture and the smell of the chemicals in the product so I was looking for something that wouldn’t be a compromise in that area.

When I first opened the package I felt like I was opening something special. I had received other toys that had pictures of other women on the packaging and this one was a simple white box with color accents in the Iris color I had chosen. Inside the packaging, was a black box with the toy inside in a black satin sleeve. I still store the toy in that sleeve and black box after I have washed and dried it.

I like that the Iris has a rechargeable battery that allows you to use it without a cord and that it stays charged for a long time. It vibrates in 5 different modes and a variety of intensities. It feels so soft and is contoured in a way that feels natural for my body. I love that it is a very quiet toy and that it has a safety lock on it so that it won’t accidentally turn on, which are both problems I have encounter previously.

There are quite a number of nice looking toys at the Lelo site including the Bo and Lily so feel free to peruse the site for what interests you. For people who have more money than they know what to do with, there are even gold-plated toys. 🙂

Given that I was able to purchase my Iris for about $75 and for all it’s benefits that I have described I give the Iris by Lelo 4 1/2 peppers. The only deterrent for me is the price so the rating is reduced for that reason as you may not be able to find a Lelo toy in a price range that fits your budget.

Pjur light

My husband and I have been trying to find a lube that isn’t sticky during lovemaking, and that would also help out my dryness issues at the same time.   While searching on, he came up with an idea…an expensive idea, but it was worth a try.  He ordered us a 8.5oz bottle of pjur light.

When it arrived, we put it to the test right away.   I have to admit that it was really nice feeling lube.  It is a silicone based lube and for us, it didn’t get sticky like KY and Astroglide do.  (Yes, I know they are not silicone lubes!)  We’ve tried other silicone lubes, and really liked this one much better!  It was thin and very soft and silky to the touch.   The label says that you only need a few drops, but we ended up using more than a “few” drops.    The product claims to be usable for massage and as a bodyglide as well.   We haven’t used it for those purposes, saving each and every precious drop for intercourse!   I like that it is fragrance free, so if you have sensitive skin, it shouldn’t irritate your genital areas (it doesn’t irritate mine)  It is safe for latex condoms.  The directions say to apply to any part of the body that needs moisture and it is safe for daily use.

The pluses?  It did a nice job of keeping me moisturized.   This is very important to me, since I am in the pre-menopausal years and I can get very dry.   While we haven’t tried it in water yet, I am sure that it would do great.    I am hoping in the future that we will have opportunities to use it in a hot tub!  We usually use coconut oil as our lube, and it doesn’t last very long for me, but the pjur light lasts much longer.   On occasion, we have to apply the product a second time depending on my dryness.   I was very impressed by the website ( and while searching through the site, I found out that a lot of testing goes into this product to assure that the best quality product is delivered to its consumers.

The minuses?  The container that it is in is not user friendly.   You have to unscrew the cap to get to the product.   It takes away from the moment when you have to fumble around to get the lid off.   If you happen to get lube on the container?   It makes the whole container slick.  Right now, as I am holding it in my hand, it is slippery.    Research on the website says that it should be cleanable with soap and water…. I tried it and they were right!   I learned something new tonight!

The 8.5 oz. bottle we bought cost $39.95 through   The 1 liter container is $92.95 also at  It is produced in Germany.  Is it well worth the money?  I would say yes, most definitely.   It is now my lube of choice.

A Private Affair – The Erotic Game of Secrets, Plans and Promises for Couples

A Private Affair

We were contacted back in late July by Todd and Jan Sellick, who wrote us an email, asking us if we would consider trying their game, A Private Affair.   Mr. Nutmeg and I were up to the task, so we asked him to mail the game to us and we would try it out and give it a review on the site.

It came to us shipped all the way from Canada.   Upon opening our package, we pulled out a black box the same size and shape of the boxes of cards in Trivial Pursuit games.   A note inside the packaging intimated to us that we were not about to embark on a typical “couples game”.   “The game gives individuals the opportunity to explore and to express some of their most personal thoughts, feelings, preferences, and requests as they delve more deeply into their own ‘private affair’”. I have to admit that I went into this game with the same thought about the word “affair” as some of you might have thought   about the word “nympho” in our website name, but I was willing to look at it as having an affair with my husband.

The game comes with a large deck of 500 boxed cards, 2 APA pins (A Private Affair) and a SUDS tablet.  This game can be played anywhere, but it is recommended that you take a small handful of cards when you go out on a dinner date or something similar.  My husband and I decided to play it at night before bedtime.   Place your stack of cards face down on the table (or bed in our case).   The woman always goes first, so she takes the top card on the stack and reads the card to her partner.   Then the couple discusses what the card says or tells them to do.  There are at least 12 categories in the deck (I will go into those later).  Take your time to complete the card and allow your partner to ask you questions or for clarification.   You can SKIP any card at any time that you do not feel applies to you or if it makes you feel uncomfortable.   Some cards will ask you to use the SUDS sheet.   These sheets are for you to make plans, write down secrets or things you want to remember for later.   When the woman is through with her turn, then her partner chooses the top card on the pile and the game continues.   You can choose how many cards or how few cards you wish to play before the game is over.

Like I said earlier, you can take these cards with you anywhere.   Slip a few in your purse, put some in your hubby’s briefcase, or in your car glove box for the next car ride you take.   Keep some on your nightstand for before bedtime.  You can literally play it anywhere.

Let me go back to the cards quickly.   While my husband and I were playing, we noticed that there were about 12 categories of cards in the deck.  I would like to give you some examples of what you would see as you play the game.   There are “complete the sentence cards” where you are given a prompt that you will finish with your own thoughts.   There are “imagine cards” which puts you into an imaginary setting and asks what or why you would imagine about it.   “And I quote” cards ask what you and your partner think about quotes given on the card about romance, intimacy, or sex.  “Definitions” card gives you a word and asks you what that word means to you.  “Heavy Petting” cards have you recall and describe touching early in your relationship with your spouse.  “Roll Over” cards are ones that you choose the next card on the stack and answer it the way that your spouse would answer it.  “One paragraph fantasy” cards give you three words that you must use in writing a short, erotic vignette about you and your spouse.   “Open Window Pin” cards instruct you to use your APA pins and create a special meaning for them.   Wear the pin in public whenever you want to be reminded of something or you are suggesting something private between you and your spouse.  There are cards that ask how you feel about different sexual positions.  There are cards that ask you a specific question for both you and your spouse to answer.  “Go Deeper” cards can be saved to use at a later time if you want to go into more depth with a different card or subject.   There are also blank cards that you can add your own questions to.

If you are looking for a game like “Bliss”, you will be sorely disappointed in this game.   This is not a game that you will play that will quickly get you into the mood for intimacy.   My husband said he felt like we were in a marriage counseling session.   While we played, there were times that things got a bit intense for us.   The game really makes you get your communication skills going, and this can be a good thing, but at times when you are going to bed and you had an intense discussion session, well, sometimes it would be better to choose another time to play it.  If you and your spouse don’t already have fairly good communication skills, it won’t always be very fun.  It can HELP you work on communication skills if you both are willing to work at it though.

I already told you that I was taken aback by the name of the game.   I also found a few of the cards to be pretty risqué, and I had to write the creators of the game about them and what their intent was.   Some of the more risqué cards are intended “for folk to take a stand on what they believe, to explain their position, etc.” and are not worded to suggest that they are okay.  Another thing that concerns me a little is that instead of using the word “spouse”, the game uses the word “partner” a lot.   I don’t know if the intended audience for this game is supposed to be married couples, single couples or hetero/or homosexual couples.   The creators tell me that the game is intended for both Christian and non Christian couples.   If you choose to purchase and play this game, you can substitute the word “spouse” anytime you see “partner” written.

I know that my husband was disappointed in the game since he was hopeful that it would be a lot more like the game Bliss.  I didn’t know what to expect, but this game showed me that I am not as forthcoming with my communication skills with my husband as I would like to be.  I am hopeful to use this game again in the future to work on bettering my communication skills with my husband.

The game is out in time for the holidays.  You can visit the website for A Private Affair or A Private Affair: the Game for more information and to order the game for yourself.

Rating the game?

My hubby gives it 2 chili peppers…it wasn’t what he thought it would be, but for the kind of game it was, he thought it was good.   As a guy, he didn’t enjoy playing it as a game.

Me, I would give it 3 chili peppers since I think it is very good for opening up channels of communication in your marriage, but like my hubby, I really wouldn’t think of it as a game I would want to play.

We both think it is a well done and well thought out game.   Thank you so much, Todd and Jan, for allowing us to try it out!

Review: Replens vaginal moisturizer


I am finding that being perimenopausal has it’s ups and downs, and one of the things I have not enjoyed is vaginal dryness.   It absolutely drives me nuts.   It has been frustrating to have to depend all the time on other forms of lubrication for sex, and I am adjusting to having my honey reach over for the coconut oil before we start.   But when I can feel it during day to day activities, that gets me really frustrated.   I told my close friends recently that it feels like the Sahara Desert down there.

I had seen in the past in the feminine hygiene aisle of the store that besides lubes, their was also vaginal moisturizers, so I decided to try one.   Not knowing much about any of them, i decided to try Replens first.   I started trying it about a month ago.    I would recommend reading the package insert thoroughly before your first application.   When applied, Replens coats and soothes dry vaginal skin cells.   This product is supposed to continue to deliver moisture to the cells for days after application.   Dry cells are cleared out and the replens is eliminated naturally, and it should leave behind restored and supple cells inside the vagina.  It is recommended to be used once every 2-3 days, but is safe for daily use if necessary.

Keep in mind that this is a review of the product from my personal perspective.   Others may have differing views of the product.  Please feel free to write yourexperiences in the comment box below.

It was very easy to apply.   After opening the sealed wrapper on the individually wrapped package, you shake down the Replens into the small tip of the applicator, then break off the tip,  insert the applicator as far into the vagina as possible, squeeze the contents into place, then dispose of the applicator.    Personally, I didn’t feel like in the month that I used it that it really worked for me.   I tried to use it only once every 3 days like it recommended.    I still felt really dry inside, but i kept using it thinking it would take more time.   I started to use it more frequently…once every 2 days.    It never made sex easier, we still needed to use lots of coconut oil during intercourse.   I didn’t expect it to replace my own vaginal moisture, but I did hope that it would help some.   A few days ago, after intercourse, my husband drew my attention to the fact that there was what looked like product of a yeast infection on him (and on/in me upon further exam)   I didn’t feel like I had a yeast infection, but it sure looked like one.   The information pamphlet inside says “Some women may notice a residue after use of Replens–this is caused by the elimination of dead skin cells. Your body naturally sheds dry vaginal tissue that has built up over time. Replens helps this happen, leaving softer, more supple tissue behind. When used on a regular basis, Replens will prevent the build up of dead skin cells and the discharge should dissipate. If the discharge does not dissipate,  you may wish to wait an extra day or two between applications. While use is recommended every two to three days, every woman is unique and you may wish to increase or decrease the amount of time between Replens applications to maximize moisture and minimize discharge.” It made me wonder if this is what we were seeing, but it sure looked like yeast.   I would have expected to see that in the first half of the month though and not now at the latter half of the month we tried it.

The website has a Q&A for side effects, safety of the product and other questions that you might have about the product.  It is not a birth control or a spermicide.   Oral sex is safe when you are using this product.   You should not use it when on your menstrual cycle and should wait a few days after your cycle stops to resume using the product agian.   It does not cure infections.   If you use contraceptive gels or creams, you should use the Replens several hours before intercourse.   It is compatible with condoms.

I haven’t used this product for a very long period of time, and frankly, I stopped using it when I thought I was getting a yeast infection.   I may try it again in the future, but at this time, it hasn’t been a very useful or beneficial product for me.



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