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In July last year I published and article entitled Sexy Art and it was so fun to research that I decided to release a sequel. Honestly, I have loved researching for these articles because there are so many great pieces of sensual art available. My last article inspired me so much I got a piece of sexy art for my husband for his birthday.

Please note, as last time, that some of these images may contain some partial nudity.

One art subject that can be quite sexy or romantic would be those that are of couples dancing:

You might also be inclined to find a subject that is more subtle:

Another subject of sexy art that you might consider for your boudoir would be of couples engaged in an embrace or sensual moment:

Or you might want a piece of art that portrays a sensual woman:

You can also find several pieces that are created by the same artist and purchase them in sets:

One artist I like has created paintings inspired by the Song of Solomon:

These are just wall images, but there are beautiful sculptures that are very sensual as well. I love art. I love how it can be so expressive of emotion and how it can create emotion in the observer. I see the Lord of Heaven and Earth as the ultimate artist and how he expresses His creativity through us is a true gift.

I have an artist friend who I will interview next week about her contribution to the world of sexy art. Stay tuned 🙂

Q&A: Boudoir Photos

“I have been thinking about taking some sexy pictures and putting them in an album for my husband for some time now.  I would really like them to have a professional look and am looking into have a shoot done with a (female) photographer.  Can you think of any reason this would not be OK as long as the photographer was a woman?  If so, I will figure out some way to take them myself or have a friend help me.  Also, I’m having a hard time coming up with poses and was wondering if you could help me out with any ideas, outfits, props, ect.”

This is a great thing to do!  Let me just say that I’ve done this before several years ago and I had so much fun doing it.  I actually had several girlfriends (and even my mother! Ha!) to go with me and we all did it together for our husbands.  Here are some things to think about beforehand:

If you are going to do this, then you might as well do it right, so think about having a manicure done.  In a few of the pics that I had done, my hand was placed on or around my face on purpose, and afterward I wished that I had had my nails done.

I did have my make-up professionally done for the shoot.  It was GREAT, because the woman knew to apply a little more make up than I normally would wear in public.  That was because the camera doesn’t really pick up on make-up unless it’s dark.  Even though I felt like the make-up was a bit much while I was wearing it… after the pictures came out, I loved them!  So seriously think about having someone else do your make-up!

I also had my hair done for the shoot.  It was rolled in a style that I don’t normally wear, but it looked very…sensual.  Especially with the lingerie and clothing that I picked out.  If you see a certain “style” in a magazine then take that pic with you to the salon and tell the stylist what you are doing for your husband.  A good stylist will be able to help you come up with a very nice look for your pictures!

I would recommend a female photographer.  (I could NOT have done this with a male photographer, and my session was relatively tame.)  My photographer was wonderful.  She took one look at me and already had several poses, props, and outfits in mind.  A good photographer will have many suggestions for you, so you shouldn’t have to worry about making a list of poses that you want, unless you just want to.  The lady that I used did a lot of these types of shoots, so she already had tons of “outfits”  and props that I was welcome to use.  (No, she didn’t have panties and other intimates like that, yuck!)  She mainly had sexy tops, corsets, beads, accessories, hats, and silk/sheer fabrics for me to lay across or cover up with or whatever.  I was also able to bring my own lingerie if I wanted something specific or more… racy.

Nude pics were out for me.  I just wasn’t comfortable posing nude in front of a stranger, even if it was a woman.  But if I were to do it again (and I just may!) I think I would do a couple of nude shots while draped with a sheer material, or half way covered up with some silk fabric, showing just enough skin that I knew my husband would love it!  The thought of a simple nude shot wearing only a strand of pearls is nice.  I can totally see that in black & white!  I didn’t think of stuff like that years ago, so I must be getting bolder in my older years!  😆

Oh, and before I forget it, there is one pose that is extremely sensual.  Lay on a bed face up and have some kind of sexy material draped over you or some lingerie on.  Have the photographer stand up on the bed and straddle you and point the camera down to you so that the picture comes out as if your husband is looking down at you lying on the bed waiting for him!  HOT!  HOT! HOT!

Having a photo shoot like this is so much fun and it is so rewarding when you give those pictures to your husband.  I am so glad that you wrote in asking about this and I hope that you leave us a comment when you go through with it!

Now… to find the number of that photographer and see if she is still in business… 😉

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Sexy Photo Shoot

“I have been wanting to do some sexy pictures for my husband, but I am not very creative. I would like some ideas for positions and things I can do at home with the timer on our digital camera. I don’t know if any of you have any experience with this, but I would love some tips! (Seems like it might make a great article as well!)”

What a great topic! We already have one article on here that is a great introduction to this called: Camera Shy? I encourage you all to read that one first and then come back to this one. I have a lot of experience making my own homemade movies and pictures for my husband, so I’m going to give you some tips to remember when you are saying cheese!

Prepare your background. This is for both movies and still pics. If you are using the bed as your background then make it up! Throw on some accent pillows or rose petals to make it look nice. If you have satin or silk sheets, then you may want to remove your comforter so that you can show them off! If you are outside, think about what props you could use or what you want in your background.

Use plenty of light! I cannot stress this one enough. I know that in person, candlelight is soft and romantic and great for setting a mood, but for pictures and movies you will need bright light. If you try to use candles or low light, then the picture will just end up dark and your husband will be squinting to try and make it out. Turn on your 60-watt overhead lights, turn on that spotlight on your camcorder, or go outside and use the sunlight! You may feel a little uncomfortable with it at first, but I guarantee you that your pictures and movies will turn out so much better this way.

Watch out for shadowing. Sometimes you may move into a position that will actually shadow parts of you that you are trying to get seen. Overhead lights are sometimes the culprits for this. To help, use the spotlight on your video camera or get a couple of flashlights and position them to shine directly on you.

Decide on positions beforehand. Think about what it is that you want to show. If you need help, then grab up some magazines or even check out the latest album covers! Look at the different poses that today’s stars are striking and think about how you could incorporate that into your photo shoot. What is your best asset? What feature of yours is your husband’s favorite? Is he a boob man or a butt guy? Whatever it is, try to think of ways you can flaunt the parts that you know really get to him!

Decide on costumes and props beforehand. Is this going to be a nude shoot? Will you need lingerie? What heels/boots will you wear with it, or will you be barefoot? Do you need jewelry? For videos, do you want music playing in the background? If so are you thinking slow and steamy or fast and erotic?

Apply more make-up than normal. The camera (especially video camera) doesn’t pick up on make-up real well, unless you are going for a close up face shot. I’m assuming here that you are not. If you are going for a zoomed out full body shot, then applying your make-up a little darker than you normally do will help it to show up better. Fingernail and toenail polish are also a nice touch!

Think about using black and white. If you are only interested in doing sensual photographs (and not X-rated ones), then play around with black and white pics. Sometimes black and white pictures can be sexy in a more subtle way.

Don’t smile too big! If you are going for sexy then you want a minimal smile. Use your eyes to convey what you want from him more so than your smile. Sometimes your tongue can be used as well. Think about sucking on your finger, a lollipop or a pop sickle!

Show him your booty! It doesn’t matter if you are shooting still pics or a video, your husband will love seeing your rear. For X-rated pics I suggest you stand up and bend over as if you dropped something. Another really good one is to get on all fours (doggie style) and then turn your head to look back at the camera. This will give your husband the visual of taking you from behind, and also the sexy eye contact. I suggest incorporating these same poses if you are making a video for him.

Talk to him! Of course this one is for videos only. If you are daring enough to make an X-rated video of yourself masturbating or striking sexy poses for your husband, then please add some sound to it! Ooooooo and Aaaahhhhhh and moan and groan. Say things like “Oh this feels sooooooo good” and “I wish you were here right now to ________.”

Use lube. This is if you are going for explicit and graphic shots or videos of yourself. Applying coconut oil (or your lube of choice) will help your body to glisten. Rub it all over your breasts and then stand in front of a mirror and look at how hot you look! Your husband will want to glide his hands all over you! For close up shots of your labia, make sure that you have her all lubed up too.

Tell him a story. This is an idea for a video. Make up a sexy story of the two of you on a beach somewhere, or out in your backyard, or on the hood of your car in the garage. Touch yourself while you tell him the story. Use a low sultry sexy voice and speak slowly. Maybe you could be removing clothes while you are telling the story.  Or describe to him a fantasy you have of the two of you. Something that you’d like to see come true sometime.

Incorporate toys! This is for those of you who have husbands that like them. If your husband likes seeing a toy disappearing into your vagina, then use that idea in your photos or video! Don’t have any toys? Well, you could always go pick up a cucumber at the grocery store!

If embarrassment is an issue, then crop out your face. This can help particularly with shooting a video too. If you have an idea that you want to do, but you are feeling a little iffy about your facial expressions and you aren’t sure how it will turn out, then just zoom in to your body where the action will be taking place and leave your face out of it. That way you won’t have to worry about what goofy expression you may have on your face. (Yes, I’ve done this.)

Use the shower! Take a shower and get lathered up real good in all the right parts. Then have your camera already set up on a tripod just outside the stall. Reach out and mash the button for the timer and snap some pics of yourself clothed in nothing but suds and bubbles! (Don’t forget to give him a hinny shot in the shower!)

These are just some suggestions I have and some of the above may not apply to every person or situation. I think it is wonderful that you are planning on using your digital camera like this! Hopefully others will leave more ideas in the comment box.

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Q&A: Costumes and Role-Playing

“I have a timely suggestion for a topic that I would like to see the spice girls discuss. I don’t believe this has been discussed already (at least not extensively) if it has I apologize. How is a Christian couple to think about sexy Halloween costumes and their use in the bedroom? I’m not wondering about the Halloween aspect of it, I am more interested in the costume, dress up, and fantasy aspect. (sexy cheerleader, police woman, etc.) Thanks.”

Using costumes and role-playing can be a controversial topic. You may get a different answer from each person you ask. We have mentioned costumes a couple of times on our blog. Cinnamonsticks mentioned using costumes in her article: Stripping For Your Husband, and Sugar & Spice has talked about wearing sexy things in her article: Vision of Love. I feel like the husband and wife are basically free to wear whatever they wish behind closed doors, as long as they are both comfortable with it. If one spouse feels humiliated or degraded or uncomfortable in a certain outfit, then it should go. Otherwise, have fun! Sexy costumes or lingerie can help to boost a woman (or man’s) self esteem and confidence!

Role-playing can be fun as well! In my article The Humor In Sex, I mentioned how my husband and I laughed so hard once, when I was trying to say the lines we wrote for our script. We still have that on video and love to watch it every so often. The possibilities of role-playing are endless! The only thing that I would caution you about is fantasizing about sinful situations or acts. An example of something sinful would be you and your spouse fantasizing about having a threesome with another person. That just wouldn’t be healthy for your marriage at all.

But go ahead and buy some novelty handcuffs and play police together! Husbands, get some medieval costumes and play castle. Wives, purchase that cheerleader costume and then invite your hubby to play with your pom poms 😉  Have fun with each other and celebrate this wonderful gift that God has given us as married couples!

Sheet Music

I’m a newlywed, and I’m looking for sexy music to play while having sex. Ideas? I’d love to make a hot playlist on my ipod…. my husband and I love all sorts of music… slow stuff and upbeat stuff….
let me know please!!! Ideas would be helpful. 🙂

(The CN girls seemed to think that I should be the one to answer this e-mail for some reason.  Maybe it has something to do with how I spend my time sitting in a music note with head phones on. 😉 ) 

Music in the bedroom is one of my favorite things as I mentioned in my top 5 list last week.  Art in general is very subjective so what is considered “sexy” music to me may not be so “sexy” to someone else.  Most the time I find that my favorite musical artists translate nicely to the bedroom .  When it comes to picking mood music, I don’t have a certain criteria that it has to fit into.  Most the time my disposition is the basis for my musical choice which will enhance the outfit I wear and the type of sex that we’re going to have.  And my musical taste is all over the place:  At times it’s based on the music itself, at other times it’s based on the lyrics and there are many instances when it’s based on both.  But, since there wasn’t too much specified as far as types of music, I’ll go ahead and give you a run down on some of the different types of music that are used in my bedroom.



Josh GrobanCloser and Awake

Led Zeppelin– We own almost every album or song. 

Something’s Gotta Give: Music from the Motion Picture

KISS– We own most of their albums from the 1970’s and some more recent than that.

Il DivoIl Divo and Ancora

Alicia KeysUnplugged

Bob MarleyLegend (especially CD #1)

Jeanne RonneIsn’t it Romantic



Eternal Flame by The Bangles

Naughty Girl by Beyonce’

Hey Mama by Black Eyed Peas

I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen

The Flame by Cheap Trick

Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness

Your Song by Elton John

Desire and Giving Him Something He Can Feel by En Vogue

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Paralyzer by Finger 11

Father Figure by George Michael

Need You Tonight and Never Tear Us Apart by INXS

That’s the Way Love Goes, Throb, and Any Time, Any Place by Janet Jackson

SexyBack by Justin Timberlake featuring Timbaland

Constant Craving by k.d. Lang

Secret by Madonna

These Words, I Bruise Easily, Drop Me in the Middle, and Wild Horses by Natasha Bedingfield

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

Hella Good, Hey Baby and Underneath it All by No Doubt

I’ve Got Dreams to Remember by Otis Redding

Hey Ya!  and I Like the Way You Move by OutKast

I’d Die Without You by P.M. Dawn

Think of Me, Music of the Night, and All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera

Black by Pearl Jam

Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police

Kiss by Prince

BlackBetty by Ram a Lam

Smooth Operator, The Sweetest Taboo and No Ordinary Love by Sade

Get Busy and Temperature by Sean Paul

Sign Your Name by Terence Trent D’Arby

With or Without You by U2

And then I have a wish list that’s nearly a mile long!  Even if this variety of songs isn’t up to your speed, I hope that it can give you a step in the right direction.  And hopefully some of the other CN girls and other readers can add some of their favorites as well. 

Here’s to listening and making beautiful music in the bedroom!

What Could You Not Do Without?

“God has been doing a work in our marriage and for that, I am so thankful – freeing us, giving us vision, deepening our passion to nurture the garden of our intimacy. I found your website/blog and am curious what you consider to be the “essentials” for keeping the fire alive in your own marriages. I’m speaking of “tangibles” as well as “intangibles.” For us, we are FINALLY committed to a weekly date night. We also have consistent sex. This is good. I wear pretty lingerie at times, use low lights, candles, and don’t mind being a little creative. However, I’m wanting to do a little more investing. Today, I’m going out to buy more candles, massage oil, and something silky. I’m envisioning a drawer in my bedside table that holds items to fuel the fire of our intimacy. As I don’t want to take out a 2nd mortgage, I’m willing to be patient and build our stash gradually. What could you not do without? How would you prioritize?”

What a thought provoking email! While discussing which of us would answer this question we all had ideas we could add to this article so we decided that we would all contribute our top five things that we couldn’t live without.


After careful consideration, here is my list of what I would not want to do without:

Coconut Oil – This serves many needs from sexual to massage.
Bed Risers – We love the positions we are able to do with them.
Bullet Vibrator – Everyone needs a simple & inexpensive bullet!
Satin Sheets– My dh loves them just as much as I do!
Candles – Romantic lighting is wonderful.


My top five must haves are:

Warm and cozy blankets – I hate being cold during sex.
Frequent dates and meaningful time together – This is essential for me to feel desirous.
Sexy clothing and underthings – Intentionally making an effort to look sexy contributes to feeling sexy which contributes to sexual confidence.
Music– Music really effects my emotions and depending on what kind of sex we want, we may pick something like Diana Krall or kick things up a notch with something funky.
Romantic Getaways – As we can afford them, these are some of my favorite memories that I have created with my husband.


Here are some of the things that I cannot do without:

Date nights – They really help us to connect back together and I can tell when we really need one!

Music – Music really gets me in the mood. I have a passion for Contemporary Christian Music right now. It reminds me of how much God is into our relationship, too.
Romantic Getaways – I really wish we could afford to do these more often. The one we went on several years ago did wonders for our marriage and our marriage bed.

Our bedroom as a sanctuary – When our bedroom becomes too kid friendly, I am reminded that it needs to be a kid free zone.
Communication – When we are communicating well during lovemaking, it’s pure ecstasy!


Here’s my list of things I don’t want to do without:

Time–It’s so crucial to me that we take time to just be spontaneous and fun and creative in bed.  I love it when we can just try different things and various positions without worrying about an agenda or how long we’re taking or whatever.  Having said that, I wouldn’t want to do without

Quickies–I just love a quickie sometimes.  It makes me feel desirable and sexy and not like a suburban housewife when we can suddenly find ourselves in the throes of passion with no choice but to have sex…in the kitchen…on the couch…in the garage…you get the picture.

Bullet Vibe–It’s just the right size and gives just enough of a little push to send me over the edge.

A Kid-Free Bedroom–Someday we’ll be able to have a beautiful bedroom that doesn’t feature a huge laundry pile and bins of out of season kid clothes.  But in the mean time our kids know that our bedroom is ours alone and they are not free to just enter and set up camp whenever they like.  Thinking about kids hanging out on my bed is definitely not a libido enhancer for me.

Communication–I think that this is important both inside the bedroom and outside as well.  Sex is greatly enhanced when we speak to each other as we go, it can really heat things up.  But it’s also important for me that we communicate well outside the bedroom because if we’re not being intimate in other areas, I have less interest in sex.  And I find that I’m more critical and short tempered toward him.  So talking is important on a daily basis, and it makes a good lovemaking session even better.


Here is my list of what I do not want to do without:

Communication~ My husband and I try to take 45 minutes of interrupted time per day each late morning/early afternoon.  Being naked emotionally is not always easy but it is necessary.

Gym Membership~Working out helps me feel sexy.  You do not need a gym to workout.  Take a walk or run for cardio and wrestle with your husband in the place of weights.

Friends~My girlfriends help my overall attitude.  I mean the friends that I have physically waiting with me at my kid’s bus stop as well as the ones I have spiritually, such as my Spice Sisters.  I think it’s important to have another social outlet besides your husband.

Erocillator~ It is not cheap but it is well worth the investment.  You may never need another vibrator.

Pillows~ Helps to get my body in those awkward positions or different angles that only a contortionist could achieve.

My top five necessities are:

A Door Lock- A simple latch on the door insures a kid-free environment and all the privacy we need in the bedroom.

Candles– Candles are so much less intrusive than overhead lighting (although, that too has its time and place!).  I love the aroma that well placed candles give off as well as the sexy shadows that dance on the walls and ceiling.  Not to mention that candlelight helps you look younger and lighter in pounds!  And, it’s also a nice way to keep the right things lit up just in case there’s an unsightly pile of laundry on the bedroom floor.

White Noise– Sounds, especially from the unknown, can easily distract me, so to drown out any unwanted noise, I usually click on my bedside fan that I can’t sleep without.  The white noise helps me relax and focus even if I have to strategically face the wind away from burning candles.  Something else that helps is music.  I love music during sex and we have lots of different mood music from which to choose.  And music is readily available in any room that we end up in, so I’m not completely reliant on the fan.

A Vibe– Bullets just don’t do if for me.  I prefer a small vibe with coconut oil to be my aid of choice.

Communication- Above all else, I need good communication outside of the bedroom in order to hit a home run in the bedroom.  Sharing dreams, concerns and every day things before we get naked is a must.  It sets a great foundation for a long lasting friendship which leads to more confidence, less inhibition and fewer mental distractions in the bedroom.  We need to be in tune with each other mentally and spiritually before we can ever connect physically.

Q&A: Romance Novels

One of our readers wrote us asking if it was OK to read romantic novels. There are several variables to consider in this discussion.

One is that it is my opinion that reading detailed descriptions of the sexual encounters of others is inappropriate so if we are talking about the sort of romance novels where the author is painting very vivid images of how the couple is having sex (essentially erotica), then I believe it is unhealthy to choose that as reading material. We work hard here at Christian Nymphos to provide honest and straightforward information about sex without attempting to titillate our readers so it isn’t that I see a book about romance or even sex as inappropriate, but how does the author go about writing the story? Is it overt and exceedingly descriptive or subtle and just enough to tell the story?

One example of healthy romantic literature is the work of Francine Rivers. Some of her books contain sexual encounters, but they are only giving the reader enough information to know what is important to the story. She doesn’t even confine her work to godly, Christian sex because some of her characters endure great sexual hardships, but in any description of a sexual encounter she isn’t tantalizing the reader with blatant illustrations of how the characters were actually having sex. I am something of a fan of her work so I have no trouble recommending her books. Her characters struggle with real issues in their relationships and though they are not perfect, she shows how the power of God can breathe life on the relationships we have that feel like they have no life on them anymore.

Then there are other romantic novels which are not based in reality at all. The characters experience trite conflicts and find themselves overcoming them with little effort on their part. Their man comes in and all their problems are resolved quickly and easily. Their love lives are filled mostly with roses and champagne, and really show a very unrealistic and unhealthy way to approach relationships.

So, having said this, the other variable to consider is that some women read either what I would deem as perfectly healthy romantic novels or these fantasy-based romantic novels and it causes them to become discontent in their own relationship. “Why isn’t my man that romantic?” “I wish I had a relationship like she does…” If the fruit of reading romantic novels is discontentment, then I would caution you to select your reading material more carefully. If on the other hand you can read these books and not find yourself drawn into unhealthy expectations or discontentment, then there is probably nothing wrong with it.

It is kind of like watching a typical “chick flick” to me. The storylines are usually the same. Boy meets girl. Boy deceives girl. Girl and boy get emotionally and sexually involved. Girl finds out about deception. Girl gets angry at boy. Boy delivers heartfelt appology. Girl forgives boy. They live happily ever after. I love it when a chick flick departs from this plot and does something unique, but I still watch these typical chick flicks sometimes. I can watch them without allowing myself to long for being swept away like that.

A final point to consider is that most of the time you are reading stories where the characters are engaging in sex outside of God’s design, most commonly premarital and extramarital sex. Just be cautious about this. Perhaps a good guide would be to consider whether you would watch it if it was in a movie. I do watch movies that have sexual content, but avoid movies where it is the predominant theme. You might consider applying the same principle to romance literature.

So in deciding if romance novels are healthy or not for you, consider how well you do at separating yourself from a fanciful story and how much detailed and overt sexual content is in the story.

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