Toy Review: The Doggie Style Strap

A while back, I was out with my girlfriends and after dinner we decided to stop at the nice upscale adult toy store in town. I usually come away with at least one thing when we stop there, and this time was no exception. I purchased the Doggie Style Strap. I brought it home and excitedly tore into the package, knowing that I wanted to try it out that very night. So we did, and the results were okay.

This strap fits right under your abdomen, and it is soft and very comfortable. Your husband is able to hold on to the two ends of it, and pull you into him. So that, instead of holding on to your hips during rear entry, he is holding on to the two straps. I will say here that the strap kind of pulls up and in on your abdomen, giving you a ‘tighter’ kind of feel. It changes the angle a little, especially if you put your chest and face down on the bed. But the changes are subtle.

My husband wasn’t too keen on it. He said to him, it felt a little odd to hold onto the straps. It wasn’t what he was used to. Since then we’ve used it very few times. It’s okay every once in a while, but it’s definitely something we can live without.

I know that this strap has gotten rave reviews on several different sites. I agree that it does give doggie position a different ‘feel,’ but if your husband really likes to feel your hips in his hands in this position, he may not care for this. And while I don’t dislike it, I will only give it three pepper hearts, because it really was just okay.

The Love Glider

*UPDATE*  We were recently contacted by this company to let us know that they are no longer constructing and selling the Love Glider.  If anything changes in the future we will let you know, but for now we have disabled all links in this article and cut off comments.

Hold on to your hats, folks… cause this is no ordinary toy review.  I’m here today to tell you about the Love Glider (featured below).  Some people would classify this as an “extreme toy” because of its abilities or price.  If you and your spouse have collectively decided to refrain from using toys, then you may wish to just skip this article altogether.  If you have no personal convictions against toys, then please stop here and play the youtube video below.  I’ll wait until you’re finished…

We were contacted by [the company] and asked if we would be interested in trying out one of their Love Gliders.  Being the enthusiastic adventurer that I am, I volunteered to try it out! 😛  Shipping was fast.  They shipped it out on a Monday and sent it to a UPS store nearby so that I did not have to reveal my real name or home address.  I really appreciated how they respected my privacy.  It arrived two days later on a Wednesday in a plain brown box.

So after the initial shock and laughter, my wonderfully understanding husband agreed to help me try it out. 🙂  We  loved the fact that it came mostly assembled.  Well, the glider came fully assembled, but you have to put the center piece in yourself when you want to convert it (as seen in the video above).  It comes with a full set of instructions, complete with color pictures so that you know exactly how to do it.  Once you learn how to convert it, it doesn’t take much effort or time at all.  (In case you are wondering, they also include a brand new average size dildo.)

From watching the video you may be wondering how a couple can use this toy together.  That was my husband’s initial reaction too.  We sat down and brainstormed all the things we wanted to try with it, and then put those thoughts into actions.  From our investigations, we have put together a list of things we found that can or cannot be done easily on the LG.    Because I know that many of you will be wondering if you would be able to do some of these things, I will give you our general sizes.  I am roughly 5’7” and 130lbs and my husband is roughly 6’4” and 190lbs.  If you are much larger than us, then some of the following may not be possible for you to do comfortably.  I’m  specifically talking about the things involving both of you sitting on the LG together.   Here is what we found:

  • The wife can sit on the LG and gently rock back and forth while giving her husband oral sex.  This way she gets some kind of stimulation at the same time.
  • For couples that like to mutually masturbate, the LG would fit in well.  The wife can use the LG to help masturbate herself and put on a show for her husband, while he is servicing himself at the same time.  If the wife is a visual woman, then placing a large mirror beside her so that she can see herself as well as her dh is a great idea!  It can also be used in conjunction with a web cam and/or phone if the husband is out of town. (Business trips or deployment come to mind here.)
  • The wife can sit on the LG and scoot as far up as she can go comfortably.  Then the husband sits directly behind her.  She is able to lean back into his chest while he uses his hands to fondle her breasts and rub her clitoris while he is also kissing her neck and whispering in her ears.  Add a large mirror in front of you both and this is AMAZING!  (I can see this being a good thing for couples that struggle with extreme ED.  The husband is still able to help give his wife pleasure and bring her to orgasm using his hands and mouth and tongue all over her while she gets internal stimulation from the LG.)
  • Couples who like to participate in double penetration, take note of this!  The wife can sit on the LG and bend forward so that her hands are touching the floor.  The husband then sits directly behind her and is able to insert his penis anally.  (The beauty of this is that the couple is able to choose the size of dildo they use for the LG, so it can even be something small.)  Then the woman can stay bent over or she can sit up and lay back into her husband’s chest while they glide slowly together into oblivion!
  • Got a husband that enjoys anal play?  The husband can put his own toy into the LG and sit on it.  His wife then achieves penetration by sitting on his lap.  They are able to make love while rocking gently to give him anal stimulation.  (My dh refused to try this because he is not into anal play on himself.  But he agreed that it was a possibility for others to do.)
  • Got a wife who melts when you rim her?  Have the wife impale herself onto the LG and bend forward.  Her husband gets on his knees on the floor behind the LG.  She is then able to rock gently while her husband leans over and rims her or uses his finger on her anally.
  • The one thing we tried but were unsuccessful at was the husband giving the wife oral while she was riding the LG.  It’s just too awkward and doesn’t work.

–  comes mostly assembled
–  easy to operate
–  hand crafted and very sturdy (solid wood)
–  uses no electricity or batteries
–  the depth is fully adjustable (demonstrated in video above)
–  can be used with almost any size dildo/toy with a base
–  wipes clean easily
–  can be used as a normal glider without the children (or guests) knowing what it is

–  a little squeaky (we joked that we needed a can of WD40)
–  pricey ($350)
–  it takes a couple of minutes to set up, which is fine unless you are in the heat of the moment and have to stop to convert it

In conclusion, I believe that the Love Glider is a very unique toy.  Of course it can be used in typical marriages where the husband and wife both agree on the use of toys.  I also believe that it may be a positive alternative for marriages that suffer from physical limitations.  Some examples of this include extreme cases of ED or for marriages in which the husband is a paraplegic/quadriplegic.  Overall I will give it three and a half pepper hearts out of five.  (Cost was a factor here as well.)

I’ve tried to give a very thorough and specific review here because I know that if I were contemplating purchasing such an expensive toy, I’d want to know every thing about it that I could find out.  I hope I’ve covered everything, but if you still have questions then leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.  You can also get in touch with [them] directly and they will do their best to answer any questions that you have.

And lastly, I’d like to thank [them] for allowing me to try out this piece of furniture and give a fair review of it.  It really is a beautiful glider and we chose the wood color that matches our bedroom furniture perfectly!  Our children have already seen it and think it’s just a stool for mom & dad’s room 🙂

Toy Review: The Breast Stimulator

It’s time for another toy review, and this time it’s not all wonderful. I went to my favorite toy store last year, and found this product: The Breast Stimulator. I was pretty excited at the possibilities. I love it when my husband stimulates my breasts/nipples when we are making love, but some positions don’t allow for that. So when I saw this product, I knew I wanted to try it.

I will say up front that I was let down. The silicone cup is supposed to stay in place while it vibrates and stimulates your nipples. It doesn’t. In missionary it does okay, but it doesn’t stay on in any other position. It is frustrating to have to stop every couple of minutes to “fix” them or re-position them.

These breast stimulators do work better if you wear a bra over them. The bra keeps them attached to your nipples. I guess that could be an option for some women, but I don’t like wearing a bra when I’m making love to my husband.

I guess it just comes down to the suction cups not being strong enough. It’s a pity too, cause the mini vibrators in them are pretty good to be so small! I’ll have to give these a rating of only 1.5 pepper hearts, because I doubt if I’ll ever use them again.

Q&A: Clitoral Pumps

“I am inquiring about the clitoral pump/stimulators.  They supposedly vibrate (some kinds anyway) Wondering if anyone here has had experience with them, and if they are worth using.  If so who sells the best one?”

I bought one a few years back.  It works fairly well.  There are many different kinds out there, but the one I bought was from Slumber Parties.  (Just search for clitoral pump.)  Let’s talk about how these things work…

The wife places the mouth of the pump/stimulator over her clitoris and holds it in place.  With her other hand she squeezes the pump.  It gently sucks the clitoris up into the mouth part.  The wife is able to pump it as many times as is comfortable for her, and yes, there is an easy to use ‘release valve’ that immediately releases if you get it too tight.  Then, once you have that part done, you can turn on the motor.  Most pumps have different speeds to choose from.  Up inside of the mouth there are lots of soft stimulators that should be touching the clitoris at this point.  When the motor is cut on, they start vibrating.  If you need it stronger then you cut it up to the next level.  The pump is supposed to bring more blood flow to the vulva area and specifically the clitoris, making the clitoris sensitive and aroused.  Then the vibrating stimulators are able to bring on orgasm.

Of course this doesn’t have to be used solo.  The husband can use this on his wife as well.  I have heard women speak of using this product together with their husbands, in an attempt to learn more about how their bodies work.  Amazon even has one that looks very similar to the one I purchased.  I believe that this would be a very good beginner toy or something to be utilized by someone trying to learn to orgasm.  I like it, and can indeed orgasm by it, but prefer stronger direct stimulation myself.  For that reason, I will give mine a rating of 3½ pepper hearts on our scale.

I’d like to hear from others out there who have tried clitoral pumps yourself.  Are you satisfied with your purchase?  Did it not meet your expectations?   If you have any advice for the woman who wrote in to us, please feel free to leave a comment!

My Toys Melted!

I sit here writing this post still somewhat in shock.  How could this happen to me?  I thought I knew how to take care of my toys.  I didn’t think that I’d go to my toy drawer one day, and find my beloved toys MELTED! 😯

So here’s the scoop.  I was actually cleaning my house, when I went to put something up in my nightstand drawer.  Upon opening the drawer, I spied my bullet and remembered that the battery had died in it.  I took it out and then proceeded to my toy drawers, where I keep the extra batteries for them.  I opened the middle of the three drawers and couldn’t believe what I saw in front of me!  Three of my toys looked like they had… melted!  How could this be?  They weren’t even touching each other!  😥

I quickly scanned over the entire drawer, looking for anything like battery acid or a leaking bottle of lube or something.  I found nothing.  The only batteries I kept in there were the small batteries like would fit in a watch, and they were in their proper container and not corroded.  There was no lube because the only lube we have is coconut oil anyway and it sits out on top of my nightstand.  The toys were all separated and NOT touching.  There was at least 2″ in between each toy.  I was shocked and puzzled.  😦

I picked up the three toys that were melted.  Two of them were ruined, but they were the most inexpensive toys that I own.  One was a simple jelly penis ring that was stretchy, and the other was a jelly toy as well.  Both were under $12 each.  The third toy was a tongue toy that was made of cyberskin material.  It was more expensive ($40) and looked like a real tongue and had two speeds.  It wasn’t totally ruined.  Part of the end of it had melted and I was able to take some scissors and cut away the melted parts.  It is still useable.

Google to the rescue!  While trying to figure out what happened, I stumbled upon a page that seemed to be offering an explanation for me.  Let me go ahead and say that this is not a Christian site and some of the links on this page may take you to places you’d rather not go, but this page itself has no nudity and actually has some really good information about how to take care of and store your toys.  The page is on the website: Talk Sex With Sue Johanson and here is the link:  Care & Maintenance of Sex Toys.

I knew that I wasn’t supposed to store toys made of different materials together touching.  I had all my toys laid out in a very organized fashion in three separate drawers.  They were all spaced apart from each other so I assumed they were fine.  Apparently the toys can STILL melt if they are kept in the same small area together.  The above page suggests that you store all your toys separately in baggies.  Who knew that you needed to go to such lengths?  (Okay, if you knew, then don’t rub it in.  Just keep it to yourself.)

Anyway, I wanted to post this for all of you women out there, just in case you thought you were being careful like me.  I’ve had toys for almost 15 years and have NEVER had this to happen before.  I thought that the precautions I’ve always taken were enough.  So now what is my advice for those of you out there who own multiple toys?  Invest in ziploc bags.  😉

Q&A: Toy Double Standard?

“Just a quick question.  From reading some of your articles about “Sex toys”, there is something I would like to be made clear to me.  One article I read stated that a man should not use sex toys that pleasure only him self, because it does not help create a stronger bond between the husband and wife.  I strongly agree with this article.  Another article I stumbled across was basically a review on the “Jack Rabbit”, which I believe to be a personal toy for female stimulation.  The article was encouraging the use of the product.  So my question would be, why does it seem that women are allowed to pleasure themselves with toys, while men are expected not to do such a thing?”

I am so glad we received this email.  I’ve actually been thinking that we needed to expand on this topic for a while.  Although this email is asking specifically about the use of toys, I believe there are two variables to consider.  In order to discuss toy use we also need to include the entire topic of masturbation.  I have a few points that I’d like to expand on and then any follow up discussion can take place in the comment section.

1.  Nothing should replace genital union. I realize that masturbating together is fun and exciting.  We do it here too sometimes.  However, God created our bodies to fit together.  His design for marriage included intercourse.  Making love is the closest you will ever come physically to your spouse.  There is nothing that compares.  Masturbating together, oral sex, and using toys are all examples of fun stuff you can do in your marriage bed, but they do not join your souls together in pure intimacy the way penis-in-vagina intercourse does.

2.  It’s relatively easy for a man to orgasm…NOT SO FOR WOMEN. Think about it.  When a man gets married, he is pretty much guaranteed orgasm with each act of sex (barring health issues).  Allow me to be crude for a minute or two here.  A man can stick his penis in almost anything and get off.  (Haters back off.  Before I get a ton of emails regarding that last sentence let me say that yes, I’m exaggerating. :lol:)  But honestly, men just KNOW to rub their penis back and forth for a couple of minutes and boom, there is orgasm.  It can be done by hand, by his wife’s mouth/hand/anus/vagina, or even by lubing it up and thrusting between his mattress and box springs (yes, that has really happened).  My point here is that there isn’t any special trick or technique that a man needs to learn in order to ejaculate.  Men don’t need anything other than a nice warm compressed area to stick it.  (Crudeness now over.)

So what about us women?  Are we like that?  Can we orgasm that quickly and easily?  Absolutely not!  We need practice to get it right! I wish that every time my husband entered me, I knew I was guaranteed an orgasm in just a couple of minutes.  Just a few thrusts and I’d be wriggling in ecstasy!  Unfortunately it does take a lot more time and effort for most women to experience orgasm.  So what happens when you have a husband ready to explode and a wife who is just getting warmed up?  How can women learn how to help themselves?  Masturbation and the use of toys, that’s how.  I am a HUGE advocate of women masturbating in order to learn what works for them.  Many times toys are needed.  A woman may be able to learn how to climax via clitoral stimulation using her hands or a vibrator.  Once she understands what her body needs, she can use that information while trying different sexual positions with her husband.  The easiest example of this would be the Woman On Top position, where the wife takes control and tries to bring herself to orgasm while grinding and rubbing on her husband’s body.

Some women want desperately to learn how to experience a g-spot orgasm.  There are g-spot stimulators to help with that.  The Jack Rabbit toy referenced in the above email is a great example of a toy that can be used to simulate vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time.  Again, if the wife can learn to orgasm using this toy, then it may very well help her learn to orgasm during intercourse with her husband.

I read somewhere recently that only 30% of women orgasm regularly during intercourse. Go back and read that again.  30% Men, can you now begin to understand why it is important for your wives to learn for themselves what works for their own bodies?  It certainly isn’t fair for us to just do without and let you guys have all the orgasms.  It also wouldn’t be fair of us to blame you for not ‘giving us’ an orgasm, when we could be proactive about the situation and learn to help ourselves.

3.  Females can masturbate using a toy and then be ready to make love almost immediately.  Not so for most men. Speaking from personal experience I will tell you that masturbating with or without a toy during the day actually helps wake my body up. It puts me in a very sexual mood when my husband gets home.  He walks through the door to find a wife who is very much ready to go!  It doesn’t matter that I’ve brought myself to orgasm three times already.  Intercourse is still very much an option.  Does it work that way for men?  Can a man masturbate or use one of those pleasure sleeves to ejaculate in, and then be ready to make love 30 minutes or an hour later when his wife gets home and wants some lovin?  There is always that issue of refractory time with men that we women don’t generally have.  Once a man ejaculates, what does he have left to give to his wife?  What happens when the wife wants to make love that evening but the husband can’t perform because he already blew his load into a sleeve?  It is easy to see how a man masturbating or using a solo sex toy can TAKE AWAY FROM the marriage bed.

4.  Many toys can be used for both spouses together. The question in the above email says:  “…why does it seem that women are allowed to pleasure themselves with toys, while men are expected not to do such a thing?” It is not my opinion that men should never use toys.  There are clearly times where a husband masturbating and using a solo toy would be okay, such as some kind of separation (like a business trip) where both spouses have discussed it and given their blessing to each other.  There are also several toys that can be enjoyed together!  Vibrators are not just for clitoral stimulation.  During rear entry the wife can extend her arm through her legs and hold a vibe on her husband’s testicles as he thrusts.  She can also use a vibe on her husband during foreplay and oral sex.  Penis rings and anal toys are other examples of toys that can be used together, and you can also find those that vibrate, giving pleasure to both.

5.  When it comes to toys, or any sexual act for that matter, I think the main question we need to be asking ourselves is: Does doing this help my relationship and deepen our intimacy together? If you are masturbating or using toys in secret, the answer to that is no. If you are masturbating, knowing that your spouse may want to make love later and that you probably won’t be able to perform, then the answer to that is no. If you are masturbating or using toys against your spouse’s wishes, then the answer to that is no. We should be actively pursuing a deeper relationship with our spouse, just as we are with our Heavenly Father.  We should be striving to do those things that bring us closer together.

I hope that I explained my views on this subject clearly enough, and I encourage further discussion and input from you all in the comment section.

Sex Toy Parties

“I’m a stay at home mom and came across a direct sales job that sounds good. The job has a lot to offer but I’m not sure it’s a godly job. It is a sex toy selling job where you host parties in homes. Is this ok in Gods eyes? Would I be sinning if I tried this out?”

Sex toy parties can be so much fun!  I know because I’ve been to several of them, and I also hosted one myself a couple years ago.  I do not believe that going to a toy party, hosting a toy party, or getting a job for a toy company is sinful in nature.  I do, however think that you should investigate the company thoroughly beforehand though, so that you know what you are getting yourself in to.

The party that I hosted in my home was so much fun.  I had talked to the consultant beforehand and she answered all my questions.  She let me know that it was only for women 18 and up, and moms weren’t even allowed to bring their newborn babies.  It was very strict.  No men either.  I also found out that they did NOT sell porn, and that was a biggie with me.  So my husband took my kids out to grandma’s house then to see a movie that night, so the house would be available for the party.  She told me what specific games would be played and what products she would be bringing.  We discussed snacks and drinks and she told me what types of language would be used (clinical).

I could not have been more pleased with the outcome.  It was done in a very tasteful way and my consultant was absolutely wonderful.  She never used vulgar or even slang terms because she wanted everyone to be comfortable.  It was upbeat and we all laughed a lot.  Ordering was done in private, in a back room, and she had many products in her van with her, so that my friends didn’t have to wait for it to ship out from somewhere.  My friends and family were so impressed by my party, that three of them went on to host their own parties from this same company.

Since then, I have been to another toy party by a different company.  I was not comfortable there at all.  The consultant allowed young teenage girls to attend (15-16 yrs old) and the games that we played were just… not very tastefully done.  I did not like it and did not order anything from it.  I also decided that I wouldn’t ever attend another toy party from that company again.  You know, in hind sight it may have just been that the consultant  wasn’t very good.  The company itself may have had rules (like age rules) that she wasn’t following because she just wanted to sell stuff, no matter who it was to.   I bet if we had had a Christian consultant it would have went differently.

I also know of yet a third toy party company (I won’t say who) that sells pornographic videos.  Of course this bothers me.  So while I don’t think that all toy parties are sinful in nature, I do believe that some have the potential to be less than godly.  If you are thinking of doing this, you should investigate the company yourself. Attend a party that someone else hosts, or agree to host one yourself just to see how it goes.  If you are impressed, and don’t have that gut feeling that is telling you to ‘flee!’ then ask some questions about becoming a consultant.   (It also helps to have an outgoing and fun personality.)   I’ll list a few of the big name companies that I’m familiar with, and I’ll leave it to you to do your own research.  It’s relatively easy to find out information online, and you can also use email and telephone numbers to contact companies that you are more interested in:

I’m sure that many of our readers have probably attended such parties themselves, and may weigh-in on this issue.  Let me just remind everyone that we do remove most links from comments as stated in our Guidelines, so keep that in mind.

Toys for Men


I’m going to write about the various toys that are out there for our husbands to use.  First I wanted to come clean and let you all know that I have had (or should I say that my husband has had) very limited exposure to most of these toys with a reason which I will share at the conclusion of this article.   

Pleasure sleeves: These are long, plastic tubes that are filled with a jelly like substance for a tight fit.  Sleeves that give a sucking sensation are also available. 

Penis Extensions:Here is an example of a simple penis extension that can be worn and enjoyed during intercourse.  The extra bumps stimulate the woman’s vagina.  Some models focus on adding girth while other add length.


 Realistic Vagina and Breasts:  Plastic replicas of the real thing.  Believe it or not the vaginas even come in ‘doggy or missionary’ positions.  Sorry, I can not bring myself to post a link of this particular item.  


Penis Rings: These come in either leather, metal or a stretchy plastic.  They are used to enhance erections.  They do come in different sizes so keep that in mind when purchasing. (Yes, I am talking about penis size as well as ring size.)  Here’s an article explaining how to use them.


 Vibrating Penis Rings:  A penis ring with a bullet attached.  I actually have experience with this type of toy.  I think I may have gotten more enjoyment out of it than my husband but as we say “A happy wife is a happy husband.”  So I guess we both win.  This one is supposedly triple the fun.


 Pumps: They help achieve an erection in record time.  I’m wondering what happens once the pumping stops.  Does the blood rush back down from the head, causing the erection to falter?  To see what one looks like click here.


Prostate Massagers: I have heard great things about the Aneros Prostate Massager.  I mentioned it in an article called “The Male G Spot”.  If my husband would let me near his G-Spot, this would be what I would use.


Wireless, Vibrating Thong:  A pair of thong underwear for men that has a statically placed vibrator.  Just make sure the remote stays within 12 feet or it won’t work.  Be warned, there is a picture of a man on the package sporting the thong.  It’s a frontal view.


As you can see we have had experience with just the vibrating penis ring.  Another plus to that ring, besides being able to use it together, is that the little bullet is removable.  If you feel like you need more direct vibrations on your clitoris or it you wanted to vibrate his perineum with it you can do so very easily. 

It is not a coincidence that we have not experimented with the pleasure sleeve or fake vaginas.  The rings and massagers are something that can be enjoyed together, as a couple without having refractory repercussions.  Another issue I have with the fake breasts or vaginas is that they are usually a replica of a porn star.  Can the sleeve be jointly used?  Sure, but I would much rather use my mouth, hand or vagina to pleasure my man.  I guess my bottom line is, if your spouse has a higher drive and needs a release then it would bless him enormously to have you be there for him in a physical way rather then him having to rely on a piece of plastic.  Again, this is just my opinion.

 If anyone has any experience, with these toys or others, that they would like to share then please feel free to do so in the comment section.

Using A Strobe Light

Looking to throw a little fun or excitement into your marriage bed? Why not try a strobe light! They are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at most malls or even online. Here is a link for one at amazon.

Strobe lights can make for a lot of fun! You can adjust the speed of it so that it will flash slowly and sensually, leaving you mostly in the dark. This just gives you a very brief glimpse of each other every couple of seconds. It’s a nice compromise if one of you likes it dark and the other likes to see the action. Put on some sensual music and see how this enhances things.

You can also adjust it to flash very, very fast. I will tell you from experience girls, that putting it on this setting can be hot! HIGH SPEED + FAST MUSIC + RIDING ON TOP = AWESOME SEX! It gives both of you a really nice show, so if you are a visual person then watch out! 8)

I will caution you that some people get dizzy or nauseous from this activity, so you may want to be careful the first time you try it. If one of you likes it but the other doesn’t, then it’s possible to negotiate and meet in the middle. Maybe the person who doesn’t care for it could wear a blindfold (so that the strobe light didn’t affect/bother them). That way the person who enjoys the strobe light can get a good show, while the other person can relax to the sensations he/she is feeling in the darkness behind the blindfold.

We haven’t done this in such a long time, but after writing this I’m finding myself rather eager to do it again! As a sex toy I’d give the strobe light four pepper hearts, because when I’m in the right mood, it can really make things very erotic!

The image used at the beginning of this article was found at Sevenoaks Art.

Doc Johnson’s Dual Egg Vibrator

This little toy really packs a punch.  It has two eggs attached to two separate wires and the possibilities of what you can do are endless.  You are able to control how fast you want the eggs to vibrate with a little dial on the side.  The wires are pretty long so they can reach two separate areas on you, if you were using it solo, or you could use one on yourself while your husband uses the other.

 I was a bit skeptical about fitting one of these eggs in my vagina while having intercourse but it can be done.  Make sure your husband enters slowly and let him know if he’s bumping anything.  The vibrations he will feel are like no other. The other egg can be used to stimulate your clitoris or nipple.  Another way to use them is to use one on your clitoris while you hold the other under his testicles right on his perineum.  If you are into anal stimulation you could use an egg on your or his anus.  I can not comment on inserting this anally.  I’m not real big on anal penetration but if it has worked for someone please let us know in the comment section.


I will give this product 4 pepper hearts.  You can’t beat the price, the vibrations range from mild to very strong and it’s twice as fun as a single egg.  The only reason I couldn’t give it a perfect 5 was because both eggs are at the same setting and because the wires are so long they can tangle pretty easily.  It would be really nice to have each egg running at different speeds.  For the price it is well worth it!!  Here’s a link if you wish to purchase it.



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