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I’m going to write about the various toys that are out there for our husbands to use.  First I wanted to come clean and let you all know that I have had (or should I say that my husband has had) very limited exposure to most of these toys with a reason which I will share at the conclusion of this article.   

Pleasure sleeves: These are long, plastic tubes that are filled with a jelly like substance for a tight fit.  Sleeves that give a sucking sensation are also available. 

Penis Extensions:Here is an example of a simple penis extension that can be worn and enjoyed during intercourse.  The extra bumps stimulate the woman’s vagina.  Some models focus on adding girth while other add length.


 Realistic Vagina and Breasts:  Plastic replicas of the real thing.  Believe it or not the vaginas even come in ‘doggy or missionary’ positions.  Sorry, I can not bring myself to post a link of this particular item.  


Penis Rings: These come in either leather, metal or a stretchy plastic.  They are used to enhance erections.  They do come in different sizes so keep that in mind when purchasing. (Yes, I am talking about penis size as well as ring size.)  Here’s an article explaining how to use them.


 Vibrating Penis Rings:  A penis ring with a bullet attached.  I actually have experience with this type of toy.  I think I may have gotten more enjoyment out of it than my husband but as we say “A happy wife is a happy husband.”  So I guess we both win.  This one is supposedly triple the fun.


 Pumps: They help achieve an erection in record time.  I’m wondering what happens once the pumping stops.  Does the blood rush back down from the head, causing the erection to falter?  To see what one looks like click here.


Prostate Massagers: I have heard great things about the Aneros Prostate Massager.  I mentioned it in an article called “The Male G Spot”.  If my husband would let me near his G-Spot, this would be what I would use.


Wireless, Vibrating Thong:  A pair of thong underwear for men that has a statically placed vibrator.  Just make sure the remote stays within 12 feet or it won’t work.  Be warned, there is a picture of a man on the package sporting the thong.  It’s a frontal view.


As you can see we have had experience with just the vibrating penis ring.  Another plus to that ring, besides being able to use it together, is that the little bullet is removable.  If you feel like you need more direct vibrations on your clitoris or it you wanted to vibrate his perineum with it you can do so very easily. 

It is not a coincidence that we have not experimented with the pleasure sleeve or fake vaginas.  The rings and massagers are something that can be enjoyed together, as a couple without having refractory repercussions.  Another issue I have with the fake breasts or vaginas is that they are usually a replica of a porn star.  Can the sleeve be jointly used?  Sure, but I would much rather use my mouth, hand or vagina to pleasure my man.  I guess my bottom line is, if your spouse has a higher drive and needs a release then it would bless him enormously to have you be there for him in a physical way rather then him having to rely on a piece of plastic.  Again, this is just my opinion.

 If anyone has any experience, with these toys or others, that they would like to share then please feel free to do so in the comment section.

Using A Strobe Light

Looking to throw a little fun or excitement into your marriage bed? Why not try a strobe light! They are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at most malls or even online. Here is a link for one at amazon.

Strobe lights can make for a lot of fun! You can adjust the speed of it so that it will flash slowly and sensually, leaving you mostly in the dark. This just gives you a very brief glimpse of each other every couple of seconds. It’s a nice compromise if one of you likes it dark and the other likes to see the action. Put on some sensual music and see how this enhances things.

You can also adjust it to flash very, very fast. I will tell you from experience girls, that putting it on this setting can be hot! HIGH SPEED + FAST MUSIC + RIDING ON TOP = AWESOME SEX! It gives both of you a really nice show, so if you are a visual person then watch out! 8)

I will caution you that some people get dizzy or nauseous from this activity, so you may want to be careful the first time you try it. If one of you likes it but the other doesn’t, then it’s possible to negotiate and meet in the middle. Maybe the person who doesn’t care for it could wear a blindfold (so that the strobe light didn’t affect/bother them). That way the person who enjoys the strobe light can get a good show, while the other person can relax to the sensations he/she is feeling in the darkness behind the blindfold.

We haven’t done this in such a long time, but after writing this I’m finding myself rather eager to do it again! As a sex toy I’d give the strobe light four pepper hearts, because when I’m in the right mood, it can really make things very erotic!

The image used at the beginning of this article was found at Sevenoaks Art.

Doc Johnson’s Dual Egg Vibrator

This little toy really packs a punch.  It has two eggs attached to two separate wires and the possibilities of what you can do are endless.  You are able to control how fast you want the eggs to vibrate with a little dial on the side.  The wires are pretty long so they can reach two separate areas on you, if you were using it solo, or you could use one on yourself while your husband uses the other.

 I was a bit skeptical about fitting one of these eggs in my vagina while having intercourse but it can be done.  Make sure your husband enters slowly and let him know if he’s bumping anything.  The vibrations he will feel are like no other. The other egg can be used to stimulate your clitoris or nipple.  Another way to use them is to use one on your clitoris while you hold the other under his testicles right on his perineum.  If you are into anal stimulation you could use an egg on your or his anus.  I can not comment on inserting this anally.  I’m not real big on anal penetration but if it has worked for someone please let us know in the comment section.


I will give this product 4 pepper hearts.  You can’t beat the price, the vibrations range from mild to very strong and it’s twice as fun as a single egg.  The only reason I couldn’t give it a perfect 5 was because both eggs are at the same setting and because the wires are so long they can tangle pretty easily.  It would be really nice to have each egg running at different speeds.  For the price it is well worth it!!  Here’s a link if you wish to purchase it.



Satin Sheets

I love satin sheets. We’ve only had them for a year or so. Some friends got them for us for Christmas one year, in sexy black! Now that I know what it’s like to have satin sheets, I’m hooked!

I know some people who don’t like them. They complain that the sheets actually allow for too much movement. In other words, when they are being intimate, they can’t do some of the stuff they are used to doing because the sheets are causing them to slip around on the bed. This has caused some frustration.

When we first got ours, the main thing I noticed was that my pillows kept falling off the bed! And remember, we have bed risers. So it was a pretty good fall. So when I would try to reach down and get it, I couldn’t reach it. That was somewhat frustrating, but I got used to keeping a firm hold on my pillows, and now that is no longer an issue.

The satin feels so nice against our skin, and not just during intimate times. I love sleeping on the satin. We have noticed that we do slip and slide a bit more during sex now, but we don’t view it as a bad thing. We almost look at it as if our bed is wearing lingerie. It’s sexy and inviting, and it makes us feel even more erotic when we are making love on it. It makes our bedroom romantic, and is really pretty when using candlelight.

Our children love the feel of the sheets also, and have asked for them for their bedrooms too! If you are interested in trying them, you can find some reasonably priced sets at Wal-Mart and Amazon. also has some good deals on them. Be sure to read the customer reviews for each product.

We give pepper heart ratings here, when we write a review for a new toy or product. I’ll give satin sheets 4.5 pepper hearts, because I really do love them!

Toy Review: The Jack Rabbit


(This article contains links to pages featuring sex toys that are not on Christian sites.  Although these pages are “clean”, please be aware that if you travel off of these pages that you may see offensive content.) 

The first actual sex toy that we bought was the Original Jack Rabbit.  This isn’t some pseudo sex toy that can double as a “massager”, but this one is a real deal Lucille vibrator.  I was a little intimidated at first.  I was wondering if I would like it and if it would do what it was supposed to do, which would be to help me achieve orgasm. 

 The Jack Rabbit offers a rotating shaft for vaginal and G-spot stimulation, jumbling pearls that “pop” at the vaginal opening for added sensation and a rabbit-eared clitoral stimulator all at the finger tips of a wired control.  One of the great things about this product is that the user can isolate the shaft or the clitoral stimulus or use both together.  The control has easy dials to set the speed of the shaft rotation and the clitoral stimulation.   It’s made from a jelly material which makes for easy clean-up with an anti-bacterial wash or toy cleaner. This particular model is not waterproof , so it can’t accompany you in the shower.  It relies on batteries to run it’s motors and it’s always nice to keep extra batteries on hand.  The Jack Rabbit is on the lower end as far a pricing goes, so you get what you pay for in some respects, because this only lasted about six months before it started malfunctioning.    

Well, I’m pleased to report that it did just what it was supposed to do.  And I’m equally pleased to say that it happened quicker than I had imagined.  And since our bunny bit the dust only after a few months of ownership, we decided to upgrade to a higher end product.   Although, the Rabbit has been replaced, it’s still on my wish list to get another because we enjoyed using it so much.  I enjoyed its simplicity, its results and my favorite part was the jumbling beads… a sensation that’s not matched in any other vibrator that I own.  The Jack Rabbit is a great beginner’s toy and just as good for veterans as well. I definitely give this toy two bunny ears up and

Ben Wa Balls: A Toy Review


Okay, so Peppermintgirl’s article, The Secret To Better Sex, got me to thinking. I have recently purchased a set of those ben wa balls that she had talked about, but I’d only tried them once, a few months back. I wonder if I could wear them all day long?

So I inserted them this morning as soon as I got up. I have the small weighted kind, like the picture above. They are not on a string. They are shiny and gold looking and are heavier than they look. I believe they are made that way on purpose. You are supposed to flex your PC muscles to keep them in, and in turn, it strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. The fact that they are weighted makes it a little more difficult. Amazon has a couple different kinds, but none of them have good reviews. I got mine at a different company and they were not as cheap as amazon has them.

My Morning

So I put them in as soon as I got out of bed. Then I went and made breakfast for my family. I got my kids on the school bus and jumped in the shower. Afterwards I recall thinking so far so good. Then I got dressed and came and spent some time online.

Around 11:45 I realized that I needed to go to the grocery store. The problem was that I don’t wear panties. The only ones I do own are thongs. I started wondering what in the world would I do if one of these balls fell out and rolled down the isle of the grocery store? I went and raided my drawers and found a pair of men’s boxer briefs that I usually wear when I work out. I felt better knowing that I had a “safety net.”

My Afternoon

Just before I left, I needed to go to the bathroom. Wouldn’t you know that I totally forgot about the balls (because you can’t feel them in there!) and as I started to pee, I heard two loud CLANKS as they both fell into the toilet. What a predicament. Of course this would happen to me. I had to grab my dish washing gloves and fish them out. Then I had to sterilize them and reinsert them. I realized then, that the balls had stayed in for around four hours before they fell out. Whether that is good or bad, I have no clue.

So I went to the grocery store and to get me some lunch. I came home and did some laundry and ate and got back online again. I continued my day, as I would have normally. My kids got off the bus and my husband came home from a business trip. He and I knew we would make love tonight. He had hinted at it and so had I. But I did not tell him about the ben wa balls. I decided to leave them in and just see if he happened to notice them.

My Night

During foreplay I kept expecting him to say What in the world am I feeling in there? But he did not. I grinned to myself and decided to see how far we would go before he realized something was different. We then made love as usual, and he never knew they were inside me. The only strange thing that happened was that he finished way earlier than he usually does. He said he couldn’t help it. He was shocked when, afterwards, I removed them myself in front of him. He couldn’t believe that I had those inside and he didn’t feel them.


I think I did a good job of holding the balls inside myself all day long. They only slipped out once in 12 hours. Once inserted, you can’t feel them at all inside. I had read in a couple of places that said ben wa balls can heighten your arousal during the time that you wear them. I really didn’t notice anything different than usual though. It did get tiresome a couple of times, having to keep doing kegels all day long! But I think that is the point, right? To make you exercise your muscles down there so that they become stronger.

Making love with them inside was pretty cool. I really didn’t expect them to affect my husband though. I’m wondering if they were bumping against each other in there and vibrating and maybe that is what was feeling so good to him? I think I’m definitely going to have to do some more experimenting with these, and see if last night was just a fluke. We need to try them in different positions. I don’t think my husband will mind.

So I guess I can see how the balls would strengthen your muscles. I have to admit to being glad that I’m not wearing them today. I may try to use them a couple times a week from now on, and see if I notice any difference. If I find that they don’t do much for me, then I’m not out much money. I think these would be good for women who have a hard time remembering to do their kegels, like me. So I will give the balls a rating of 2 pepper hearts on our scale below. The rating may would go up, if I used them consistently and saw that they did, indeed help strengthen my pc muscles.



Sex Toys = Pornography?

Question: Aren’t sex toys just another form of pornography because they are used for arousal?

Answer: Whether or not a person is sinning when they use sex toys depends on what they are thinking about while they are using them. It is our conviction that unless a sex act is expressly declared in Scripture as wrong (adultery, bestiality, homosexuality, incest and so on), we are to consider what is happening in the mind according to the principles Jesus gave us to determine if it is sin or not. Since masturbation, with or without a toy, is not talked about in Scripture we use what Jesus taught us about lust and remaining in control of our bodies to separate masturbation that is sin from masturbation that is not sin.

So if a woman uses a sex toy and is thinking about what her body is doing and how it is responding, and/or what she would like to be doing sexually with her husband, we do not believe this is sin. However, if a woman is using a sex toy and fantasizing about a man at work or thinking about a sex scene she saw in a movie then we believe this is sin. As well, if masturbation/the use of sex toys controls her to the point where she plans her day around it or it interferes with her responsibilities and so on, then we believe that it has become something which controls her which we believe is sin. The final issue that we believe would make toy usage sin is if it replaced a wife’s sexual experience with her husband. We believe the needs of the couple come first. So if a wife is using a toy and it results in pleasing her to to point where she is no longer available to him, then we believe the woman is sinning.

So although sex toys are tools that are used for arousal, we believe that they do not fit into the category of pornography because they can be used in ways that are free from lust and a loss of self control.

Thank you for your question.

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