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Personal pictures are not allowed on our site. There have been a few that have slipped through the cracks, and we have emailed those people asking them to change their avatar to something different.  This is for the safety of all of us.

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  1. I’d like to say a personal thank you for posting these guidelines. There have been many times when I’ve wanted to post, but didn’t feel comfortable with it. I only feel that I should be “talking” about these issues with my husband or other women. For me, I don’t feel it’s appropriate for me to enter into much discussion (especially that which is graphic in nature) with a man other than my husband. Thanks for trying to make this a “safe” place for Married Women.

  2. Also wanted to thank you ladies for setting guidelines.

    Although I am extremely verbal, I find it difficult talking about such intimate details on a mixed forum. Part of my sexual awakening can be directly attributed to being able to educate my mind by reading on your site.

    I am so glad you make it possible for husbands to read these messages as they are obviously getting help in what can be one of the most frustrating lacks in the church.

    I do not personally know of one Christian woman with whom I could freely discuss the majority of topics we read about on this site.

    Being a mature mother of a large family, every woman I know would alternately blush, splutter, stare vacantly or run with her tail between her legs to escape such a wanton creature.

    I daily thank God for this site.

  3. What an awesome site.I’m both a christian and a nympho! My girlfriends all think I’m crazy,(I think they’re just jealous) It’s good to know there are other wives out there who love sex with there husbands!

  4. My husband found this site and told me about it. Thank you for your openess and honesty. This is a safe place to find answers to unasked questions.

    I love my husband and thoroughly enjoy every moment with him. We have found fun and exciting new things to try here. : )

  5. OK,
    Just have to laugh at your last 3 lines. Still laughing………

  6. Hey browneyedgirl,

    Follow up….Still without a female buddy but amazingly, my two daughters and I have begun to have the most outrageous girl talks ever. At 19 and 14, they are watching their mother evolve into this fully energized, revamped, totally driven to self-improvement, femme fatal…whoops fatale !!

    I’m still crazy and am now amazing my own husband as to how sexual I am. He is one wildly sexed man and is actually getting to really like my eagerness, and total abandonment, all over him.
    I thought I was a little different in my sex drive at the beginning of this year but now I am convinced….I am freaking nuts!!
    Sigh, when does that man get home from the gym… ;-P

  7. This Site is a service to God, as well as couples. Family breakdown is a major problem among the followers of Christ. Your Site is undoubtedly a tool to encourage healthy, happy marriages. You are to be commended.

  8. Just stumbled upon your website this evening and am looking forward to sharing it with my wife of 24 (soon to be 25 years). It’s so important for people to understand that sex was God’s idea, in his amazing brilliance, He invented it and gave it to us as a gift. Sadly, man has perverted it, and sadly too, for some reason, Christians have been branded as prudish and unable to fully delight in their sexuality within the bond of marriage. I look forward to introducing my very beautiful wife to what I have found here… I’m sure it’s going to help in keeping the sparks flying. Great stuff — many thanks!!

  9. I have been looking for a site like this for over a year!!!! A great relief to know I am not alone in my strong sexual desire for my husband!

  10. Hubby and I love the site, been reading it for a while, just not brave enough to comment until now! Thank you to all the ladies who make this site possible.

  11. my DH, posted on here and his comments were deleted.
    I don’t understand why, he was far less, ummmmm.
    Liberal with how he spoke than the details that girls have posted at the same subjects.
    All his comments were taken down, and he was just wanting to let people know he supports the ideas.

    He refuses to go to the other sites where other christian men post, because he hates the fact of so much of the immoral stuff.
    And now he feels that this has become another place where he has been ousted, simply for being a man.

    We as girls obviously don’t get that our men need a pure environment to talk, even more importantly to have no condemnation and/or judgement.

    Just a heads up on how a husband feels, that has had my full support in being here.
    My man has the utmost integrity in his heart, he challenges most men he comes across!

  12. The bottom line is that this blog is not the right place for men to find a pure environment to talk. The Marriage Bed forum has a huge community of honorable men who post frequently where your husband can discuss godly sexuality. So our determination to honor the many women who need this community to have limited male input still stands. Unless a comment from a man offers a truly unique perspective that has not been presented before, it will not even be considered for approval. With so few places on the internet set up with a focus on helping women embrace their sexuality in a way that reflects a God-focused life, we will continue to do what we can to ensure that this is a safe place for them.

  13. I understand how dh feels (a few men I know, including dh, would LOVE to have/find this site’s male counterpart), but I am also wickedly excited that the amazing women who started this site have made a safe haven for stuff like this. While this is a site that is catering to married women, your man can support this site through you. If you read an article, and he thinks of a variation or standpoint on it, or he can give you info on a topic from a guys perspective, that knowledge becomes yours once he shares it with you, and it can be shared with us. This way he is supporting the site without actually being an active part of it.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but most of our miscommunication comes from us thinking differently and I would LOVE all the reasoning I can get. 🙂

    To clarify, in parenthesis I meant my dh and some of his friends, and for the last statement I meant me n my dh. Sometimes I feel like we’re from different galaxies. 🙂

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