Hey Men!


We wanted to take the time to address the men who have discovered our blog.

Please feel free to read our blog and consider if you can transfer the ideas to your own relationship with your wife, but also understand who our target audience is; Married Women. If you are in a marriage that is healthy we welcome you to read and apply the insights you gain here to bless your wife, but realize that we have strong restrictions on the nature of comments we approve from men.

Comments from men will be considered on a case by case basis and if the comment contains information that is presented in positive and supportive way and that is a truly unique perspective we might approve it, but by and large many of the comments from men get deleted, particularly if they are graphic in nature, argumentative, negative or disruptive to our mission.

Here are some examples of comments from men that will not be published:  “I really like this position of the week and will ask my wife to try it soon!”  “Thanks for this review.  My wife and I have been wondering about this book.”  “I really like it when my wife dresses sexy for me.  It heightens our date night!”  Each of these comments is rather tame and nice, but do not share a unique perspective that is absolutely helpful to our women readers.  In simpler terms, we will not allow our blog to become cluttered with mundane comments from men.

Also, please be advised that comments made by men which talk about how their wife is a refuser or that speak negatively about her sexuality will not be approved. For support in this area, we direct you to the Sexual Refusers section of The Marriage Bed Forum. (Note: You must be registered and logged in to see the contents of this forum.) This is to make our blog a comfortable place for the women we are focused on ministering to. If you are in an unhealthy marriage, reading our blog is probably not edifying for you so we encourage you to guard your heart and choose other resources for improving your marriage.

Several men have asked if we are aware of any blogs like ours geared towards husbands and at this time we are not, but one website we can direct you to is The Generous Husband. This website is dedicated to supporting men to live generously towards their wives. Another site we discovered that is just for men is an intimacy forum developed by The Pure Bed. Husbands are welcome to use this community to discuss sexuality in marriage.  Ignite Her Passion is a blog written for husbands.  It discusses keeping the passion and romance alive in your marriage.

Finally, we also want to let you know that we do not write privately with anyone at any length, men or women.

Blessings on you and your marriage.

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