The CN Position Page

This is the reference page for all of our featured weekly positions. They are listed for you in the order they were posted. Each position is linked back to its article. We have also ranked them according to the following color-coded system:


– Easy, comfortable positions that do not require complicated ………………..instructions.

– Fun positions that may be more involved and sometimes offer a unique angle.

– Advanced positions that are somewhat difficult and may require some degree of gymnastics to perform!

– Non-penetrative positions also known as “outercourse.”

– Positions for Oral Sex

– Face to face position that allows for kissing.


The Christian Nymphos’ List of Positions:

1. Scissors

2. Cowgirl (Woman On Top)

3. On The Pillows

4. Quickies on the Counter

5. Reverse CG

6. Rear Entry (Doggie)

7. Froggy Style

8. Coital Alignment Technique

9. Straddle Cuddle

10. A Guy, A Girl, & A Poang Chair

11. Standing T

12. X’s & O’s

13. The Sandwich

14. The Wheelbarrow

15. The Electric Licorice

16. The Spring

17. The sidewinder

18. Road House Style

19. Reverse 69

20. Doggie Variation

21. Lateral Coital Position

22. The Grand Tetons

23. The Pile Driver

24. Shower Sex

25. Fellatio Lying Down

26. Spoons

27. On The Yoga Ball

28. The Corner of the Mattress

29.  Lotus Position

30.  Sporks

31.  The Lap Dance

32.  X Marks the Spot

33.  The Italian Chandelier

34.  The Corner Pocket

35.  The Screw

36.  The Squat

37.  The Plumber

38.  Bend Over

39.  Riding The Waves

40.  The Recovery Position

41.  The Arm Chair Position

42.  The Short Stack

43.  The Tie-Me-Up Tango

44.  The Praying Position

45.  The Cowboy Position

46.  Old Faithful

47.  Topsy-Turvy

48.  Lay Me Down

49.  Ballerina

50.  The Knee-Trembler

51.  Stargazer

52.  The Honeycomb

53.  The Spin Cycle

54.  The Wounded Knee

55.  Cupid’s Arrow

56.  The Push Up

57.  Hot Dog & Buns

58.  Vertical 69

59.  Bucking Bronco

60.  Twin Peaks

61.  The Butterfly

62.  The Dessert Menu

63.  Sunny Side Up

64.  The Train

65.  Catcher’s Position

66.  Front Row

67.  Up Close & Personal

68.  The Jackknife

69.  The Sweeper

70.  The Dining Room Table

71.  The Feast

72.  On A Stool

73.  The Dancer

74.  Head Games

75.  The Oral Bridge

76.  The Table Hug

77.  Shower Sex 2

78.  Two On A Chair

79.  The Randy Raft

80.  Waterlingus

81.  Rear Entry Pool Style

82.  H2 FellatiO

83.  Water Love

84.  The Hot Seat

85.  Shake Your Tail Feathers

86.  The Buttler

87.  Bumper Boats

88.  Bathtub Bonanza

89.  Countertop Caboodle

90.  Peek A Boo

91.  In The Groove

92.  Standing Proud

93.  Mount Up

94.  Rear View Mirror

95.  The Flying Trapeze

96.  Hungry Hungry Hippos

97.  Lotus Inverted

98.  Back Door Buffet

99.  The Thigh Master


  1. Hey Spicegirls,

    What a way to start the week. I am awed.

    Thank you all so much for compiling this list. After regularly hunting back and forth for position reviews…you have made my search complete.

    What a blessing you all are to me in my passion journey with my man. If I could only recommend you to more of the women I know, but not yet.

    God richly bless all of your marriages because of your ministry to all of us.

  2. You girls are great! Thanks for another wonderful resource!

  3. This might be a strange question, but what would be a good position for me to get a better view? Ilove my husbands body and would like to watch him entering me. Sorry if this sounds a little perversed, but idk how else to say it. Any suggestions?

  4. intended for pleasure~ Mirrors make it possible to get a great view from almost any position. They give a fantastic view that would be impossible to achieve any other way.

  5. Hello Intended for pleasure,

    You did not sound perversed at all and I actually relate fully to what you have requested. I moved my bedroom dresser so that the mirror showed my bed and have done so for the very reason that I am visual and it has been a fantastic idea…. 😉 Mirrors work.

  6. Thanks to both of you for the suggestion. I’ll have to really work on this one a lot of moving around furniture our bedroom is laid out a little different, but if there’s a will there’s a way, and believe me there’s a will! Maybe a full length mirror or large wall one. My children will wonder what I’m up to (we have very few mirrors in our house)LOL! A bedroom makeover how fun. My project for this week. Thanks for the comment.another reason I love this site!

  7. I have just recently thought how nice it would be to have a mirror bolted to my bedroom ceiling.=D Although not sure how I would explain that one to guests that might end up seeing our bedroom!

  8. Lol what a blissful thought!

  9. A mirror does wonders. Position a mirror where you can take a glance every once in a while and watch all the action.

  10. We’ve got a mirrored closet door (sliding door) for in our bedroom – can’t wait till the door is framed out and we can put it up 😀
    everyone says ‘that’s great, it’ll make the room seem so much bigger’ (it IS kinda small…) but i’ve got additonal motives 😀

  11. Hang a really beautiful, drapy canopy from the ceiling, around the mirror, over your bed!

    You can do something really tailored, or something out of 1001 Nights–persian red carpets, or even Country French toile–whatever matches your decor!

  12. Any suggestions for a good position(s) to use in a car?

  13. Any rear entry WOT are great. My personal favorite is the lap dance. You are sitting up so height doesn”t really matter. Don’t forget the skirt and crothless panties, it just makes things a little easier! We have a big van so almost anything goes. 🙂

  14. Standard or Automatic, compact of full size? Ha ha I couldn’t resist. Truly this has been dangerous for my DW and I. The Constables could tell you more.

  15. We actually have a full-size with three car seats in the back… (They need to be out! And I need a baby-sitter I can afford, willing to take twins…)

  16. This page needs to be linked on the side bar…maybe instead of the Position of the Week link on the left.

  17. All of our pages are in the tabs at the very top of every article and page. The pages are also listed under “Pages” on the left just under the search bar and stats.

  18. Hi! I was wondering if there was a way you could post which positions would be possible for someone who is pregnant. With my belly getting larger we’re kind of stuck in a rut and need some new ideas. Thanks!

  19. I think what would be easy for you is to look at the ratings above for the positions. I would stay away from the acrobatic ones unless you are a really limber! Some of the tame ones might be easier to do than others. I’m not pregnant, but my husband and I did a modification of the “recovery position” this morning. I put my left leg over his left so it was like I was laying on my back once he entered. I would imagine anything in the reverse position might work since it would keep your tummy facing out. (Reverse seated in a chair or on the corner of the bed)… I know it isn’t face to face intimate, but it could be a bit more comfortable for you.

  20. Depending on your height differences, and how high/low you carry, standing positions, such as in the shower, may work well for you too. And as SpicyNutmeg suggests, ones where you back is against his front may work well. I love sweet things whispered to me in the nape of my neck.

  21. Hi Amanda,
    I just delivered twins. I was so big everywhere we found the best place to make love was in the shower. I leaned on a shower chair while hubbie entered me doggie style. It really helped me relax to hold my belly against gravity while he cupped my pendulous, very sore breasts. The water drowns out the sounds. As an added bonus after one of our “showers” I went into labor. It’s a fun alternative to the bed. Good Luck.

  22. I have always been an almost frigid person-its the way I was brought up in rural England!Now I have found your site & I an excited,but fearful as my DH of 30yrsmay think Im odd at 57 to want sex.I have been reading most of you site & wonder – can I at 57 with varicose veins-but fit & trim otherwise start new positions (Ive only used two ever!)& introduce toys?I know ny DH would be chuffed!How can I be brave enough?I so want to have it all!

  23. Go for it. Just watch him for his cues at each step of the way and embrace the importance of learning to communicate with him about sex. You might even start with an apology if there are any years that you think you treated him unfairly in the bedroom by being cold or distance. Let him know that you see intimacy differently now and that you want to make improvements together with him.

    Just try not to introduce all your new ideas in the same week 😀

  24. Maybe I’m the only one, but I have to say that the positions that are illustrated by the man and woman in swimsuits bother me a little! I’m glad they’re covered up, but still just viewing two people in such intimate positions reminds me a lot of porn. I also like to share the positions and don’t feel comfortable sharing the ones with illustrations like that! Anyway, I’m not complaining at all. I LOVE this site, and I so appreciate what you guys do. Are these photos used because it’s all that can be found? (I can imagine it would not be easy to find illustrations of sex positions that aren’t graphic!) Anyhoo, I was just browsing through the positions trying to find ones that didn’t use those pictures to share, and I thought I’d bring it up. 🙂

  25. I find the pictures very helpful and refreshing to see that one isn”t willing to be too sexual just to help illustrate. While the explanations are excellent, there are times when its just a little hard to imagine and therefore put to use. But the pictures, at least I feel, are very instructional and nothing more.

  26. Thank you so much for this site, not only because it is liberating to know that sex inside the confines of a Christian marriage is good, but also because I no longer feel alone and that shameful feelings I had about wanting to truly enjoy sex with my husband are lifting! I can not wait to try some of these positions with him. I may truly enjoy sex for the first time in our marriage because I now longer feel like it’s bad!

  27. Welcome! Nothing shameful at all about enjoying sex with your husband – it’s what God intended for you!

  28. Hi. I am a 40 yr old woman who is disabled which makes intimacy uncomfortable for me. My husband and I are looking for alternative ways to have intercourse that won’t cause so much discomfort in my hips and lower back. My husband has problems with premature ejaculation which also poses an issue for us. I cannot kneel which eliminates certain positions to try. PLEASE HELP!!! Does anyone have any suggestions for us?? Perhaps you know of a good resource that may offer possible solutions. Thanks!

  29. I am new to this website and love it! I am a 43 yr old woman and I have never had any problems having an orgasm. June of this yr we had to stop having intercourse due to a health condition. I have been pleasing him in other ways. I had surgery finally last week. I had a complete pelvic/vagina repair. I had a lot of prolapsing and of course it made having intercourse impossible. In 4 more weeks, I can finally have sex with my husband. I am so nervous since I know My vagina will be shorter and the opening be a lot smaller. I am worried I wont feel the same. I am almost afraid I will be so nervous because I am going to be afraid it will be painful. Esp. at first. I am wanting to try to go ahead and give my own self an orgasm to just make sure everything still works. Do you have any ideas on what to do maybe for the next 4 weeks to prepare for this? Or is it okay for me to have an orgasm myself clitoris of course. My husband has a tummy on him and we usually dont to the standard he is on top position. Usually I am bent over. But this first time, I want to be more intimate. Face to face with him. Please give me some ideas to help. Thanks!

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