Frequently asked questions from women:

How can I spice things up?

Please visit the Foreplay, Creative Sexual Techniques, and Romantic Ideas categories for ideas that work with your personalities.  Ideas Include:

  • Using things like candlelight and music
  • Turning board games into sex games
  • Going on a date… without any undies on
  • Writing sexy stories
  • Stripping
  • Role playing
  • Sex in a new location


How can I increase my drive? How do I become passionate like you girls are?

How To Have a Sexual Awakening

Low Drive… Can You Help Me?

Correcting Wrong Thinking About Sex

Dear Spouse 100, Me 0

Not In the Mood For Love?

10 Ways To Embrace the Sexy Wife God Made You To Be

Health Issues and Sex


Am I messed up? I have such a high sex drive and my husband’s sex drive is so low? Isn’t he the one who is supposed to be clamoring all over me? I thought all men were sex crazed.

Help!!! High Sex Drive!!!!

Living With a Refuser

Negotiating Different Drives


What does God think about…


Oral Sex?

Anal Sex?

Sex outside of marriage?



How do I know what’s okay for our marriage?

How Do I Know What’s Okay?

Adding Spice:  Where To Draw The Line

What About Instructional Sex Videos?


Is erotica or sex toys the same as pornography?  What about watching porn together?  Do you have any articles devoted to porn use issues?

Erotica:  Is It Okay?

Sex Toys = Pornography?

What Do I Do About My Husband’s Porn Problem?

Shelley Lubben:  A Porn Star Set Free

Pornography:  The Spice That Destroys Sexual Taste Buds

What do the different acronyms mean on your blog?

  • PIV = Penis In Vagina
  • CN = Christian Nymphos
  • OS = Oral Sex
  • AS = Anal Sex
  • MB = Masturbation
  • DH = Dear Husband
  • DW = Dear Wife

Frequently asked questions from men:

I’m a husband and I know your blog is primarily written for women, but can I comment here?

Hey Men!




  1. What Christian religions are you members of. Definitely not Catholic guilt peddling outfit I was brought up in!

  2. I try to avoid the word religion because the man made version of religion (trying to get to God) is so different from the definition we find in the Bible (to care for the poor and to keep ourselves from being polluted by the world — James 1), but the 6 of us spice girls represent a wide range of groups within the Church (the church being the collective group of people worldwide who follow Christ Jesus.)

    From conservative denominations to charismatic, we really fill the spectrum. We are committed to unity on the important issues of theology (one true God, salvation through faith in Jesus alone, that He is returning again one day to receive us, etc), and love one another despite the differences in understanding on debatable issues (speaking in tongues/gifts of the Spirit, how to receive the Lord’s Supper, how and when to be baptized). We have the freedom to share our opinions on those things, but we love one another in that.

    Guilt isn’t a tactic I see the Lord ever using. One of my favorite speakers once said that the conviction of the Holy Spirit sounds like “Hey, you are way too awesome to be acting like that.” SO TRUE!

  3. Oooo, I like that definition of conviction! I may just use that one. Thanks for sharing!

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